DIY design

By Published On: March 20th, 2014

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as tackling a good DIY […]

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as tackling a good DIY project for your baby’s nursery, but it can sometimes get a little overwhelming. So we rounded up a few simple, finish-it-in-an-afternoon projects that come complete with easy to follow instructions and the materials you need. Let the fun begin!
DIY design
1 / Clotheslines give you the opportunity to hang up any old thing you please, whether it’s art prints, cards, pictures or hand-drawn doodles (or a combination of all four). They also can be arranged to cover a pretty large area, so it’s like getting a great big piece of art for a fraction of the price. These pretty pins will get you started—all you need to supply are the personal touches to clip in between.
2 / This simple hoop set comes ready to create, and includes instructions for the novice stitcher. Every time you see it hanging on the wall, you’ll be tickled pink that you created something for baby with your own two hands.
3 / Flowers that never die are pretty much the bee’s knees. Doesn’t your baby deserve a pretty little arrangement on her shelf? Whip up some paper flowers with the help of a ready-made kit (the petals are even pre-cut—score!).
4 / Ok, so this super cute mobile doesn’t come with everything you need. But it’s easy to make, and you could grab everything you need for it from your local craft store for less than $20. In fact, you’ll likely have enough supplies left over to make a few extra!
5 / This hand-stitched bear is destined to become your baby’s very favorite thing. Not a bear fan? They also have kits to create a monkey, an owl, a fox, or an assortment of other equally adorable animals.
6 / Maps are the best, and this handy DIY booklet includes everything you need to create cool map art for your baby’s room. You can even customize a map of your favorite place! We’re pretty smitten with this kit over here at P&N.
7 / How about a whole room’s worth of loveliness? This room kit has everything you need to create a mobile and decorative garland, and also include three art prints and a set of wall cards. It’s a winning selection for sure!
Do you have any DIY projects in the works for your nursery?