Diaper duty

By Published On: August 29th, 2014

When did diapers get so cute? Seven years ago, we […]

diapersWhen did diapers get so cute? Seven years ago, we had pretty standard options in the world of disposable diapers—white, maybe with a cartoon character, organic if you wanted to get really crazy. In all honesty, we were that earnest, optimistic (and totally naïve) couple gung-ho on some flushable, eco-friendly version—until our baby boy actually arrived. We tried to wrap that bulky plastic liner, insert and cotton pant around his teeny little tush. Two words: not happening. So we switched to some “all natural” brand and resolved to help the planet in other ways.
Fast forward to baby number four and a little something called The Honest Company diaper. Let’s pause here—I have no affiliation with the company beyond being an extremely satisfied customer. This isn’t a pitch, just a very enthusiastic review of a very good product backed by really exceptional customer service. And if anyone over there wants to say thanks, I’m guessing my girl will be in diapers for at least the next two years. You have my address. OK, let’s proceed.
Are diapers in adorable little prints a new thing? They are to me. And when I say prints, I’m not talking about a picture of Elmo slapped across the butt. These things are well done, and that thoughtfulness extends beyond the graphics. The company bills them as “premium eco-friendly disposable diapers,” and after wrapping my 6-week-old baby girl in them for her entire life, believe me when I say they’re awesome. No crazy chemicals or fragrances, some mystical bio-based blend for the absorbent core, plant-based layers, unicorn hair and the blessing of Mother Nature herself, I’m certain. And the prints! Seasonal prints, no less, and each cuter than the last! So far, our baby girl has rocked cherries, giraffes, anchors, a floral pattern, peacock feathers and mustaches. I’m psyched that it’s so warm out, because her daily outfit is pretty much a little tee and diaper, and the overall effect is lethal on the cuteness front.
But here’s the best part: I priced this eco-friendly option out by the diaper, and they’re actually cheaper per diaper than the organic brand we had planned on using. Yes, organic because one of our kiddos had a rashy reaction to a popular brand, and our pediatrician advised the switch. Plus, you know, I typically go the organic route. Anyway, the price point works, and thank goodness because—let’s be real, these diapers are adorable, yes, but I’m very clear about their intended use. We’re trapping baby pee and poo here, and I’m not one to, ahem, piss away good money.
And they come in the mail. Boom.