DaysAgo Digital Day Counter

By Published On: June 1st, 2011

Written by: Candace May 31 2011 We all spend months […]

Written by: Candace

We all spend months obsessing over our baby registry. Do I have the right stroller? Do I want a pack-n-play, bassinet, or both? Which car seat is best? But I find one area that people often overlook is the kitchen, which is actually a very important space. One of my favorite mommy must-haves for the kitchen is the DaysAgo Digital Day Counter. It is a super handy device that is perfect for sleep-deprived mommies and daddies who find themselves functioning at half-speed.

This cool kitchen gadget attaches easily to a wide variety of surfaces with a simple magnetic or suction backing. It conveniently sticks to the fridge (or anywhere else) until ready to be used and then is easily set with the simple press of a button. Once set the DaysAgo begins tracking the number of days up to 99.

As I’m sure you can image there are literally hundreds of uses for this convenient counter. For baby it is great for keeping track of the age of expressed milk and mixed baby formula, something that is impossible to remember. For an older baby or toddler, use it for counting the days on jarred baby food or even freshly prepared food. You’ll find yourself using it well beyond the baby days for leftovers, medications, watering plants, and more. Gotta love this handy little device!

Price:$8 for 2