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My wife and I both work, and we have thus […]

My wife and I both work, and we have thus become dependent upon childcare during our weekdays. Throughout the pregnancy, we always knew that this was coming. My wife researched local daycare providers, found one worthy of an interview, and immediately fell in love. We both did. We had found a smart, thoughtful lady that ran a daycare out of her house, and after one interview, made our choice.
She lasted a month. To be fair, she is still just as thoughtful, smart and capable as we had perceived her to be during the interview. In the end, it was just a lousy fit.  We learned that she lost one of her employees, and although she still met the state mandated regulations, the loss effected how she scheduled naps and feedings. In the end, she simply could not keep a consistent schedule, and often forgot to inform us when Oliver missed a nap or had an early feeding.
The search for childcare began anew. We asked for referrals, compared costs, and interviewed caregivers over the phone. Things looked bleak. I was tempted to just teach my kid to be self-sufficient. I had the PowerPoint presentation and everything. It was a five day training course on how to crawl, talk, walk, and surf the internet. I realized that my baby has pudgy fingers and poor fine motor skills, and would ultimately be unable to Google anything. The search continued.
There were times when I thought that we were being petty. I asked my wife if we were being unrealistic with our expectations, and we explored this possibility honestly. In the end, we realized that we were awesome and that everyone else was crazy, and we are always right. Well, no, but we decided to continue our search.
We have since found a wonderful daycare, and Oliver has fared quite well. When his schedule changes, we are immediately informed. When he eats a meal early, we are informed. When he calls Dominoes and orders ten pizzas for all the other babies, we get the bill. The caregivers communicate well with us, and Oliver seems to love them.
It will never be easy for me to let someone else spend all day with my son, but I am grateful for what they do. They make my little guy feel loved and safe. Now if only they could teach him how to surf the internet.

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