By Published On: May 24th, 2012

Written by: Hillary Grigonis May 23 2012 Will someone please […]

Written by: Hillary Grigonis

Will someone please come get the dandelions out of my bathroom?

During dinner with my family, I was trying to describe the spiders that had been invading my bathroom shower: “They look sort of like dandelions, with the long legs, only they are not dandelions.”
There was an awkward pause before everyone at the table (except me) started laughing.
“What?” I said.
Well, my mouth may have definitely said dandelions, but my brain definitely meant daddy long legs.
Of course, my mother was quick with the diagnosis: pregnancy brain (thanks, Mom!).

There haven't been any scientific studies to prove such thing as pregnancy brain exists (my husband is convinced there is no such thing). But there seems to be more going on than a bulging belly and continued queasiness, after all, my nurse even told me to write questions down before my appointments because I would be more likely to forget them than in pre-pregnancy.

So maybe there isn't any scientific evidence of brain changes during pregnancy, but there must be something, right?

Perhaps its because I daydream more often then before (about baby names, baby nurseries, baby clothes, baby toes…) More often than not, something baby related is on my mind, which means when it comes to down-to-earth stuff, my mind may wander.

Perhaps its just a mother thing, from that constant 24/7-ness in mommy-hood. Whenever I mix up my words, the first thought that runs through my head is I'm turning into my mother…She gets her words backwards and upside-down sometimes (probably from trying to keep up with four kids!) But if I inherit just some of her good qualities, I don't mind a few want-a-chacon-bees-burger-s (translation: bacon cheeseburger) thrown in every now and then.

Or perhaps because planning for a baby, working full time, trying to buy a house, starting my own business and helping my friend plan a wedding is just making me way too tired.

Whatever the cause, if I can laugh at myself at the end of the day, I'm thinking less and less about those unpleasant pregnancy side effects. And I'm trying not to count how many spiders have been squashed in the bathroom (six!) or wonder where the one that was just out of my reach just disappeared to…

What about you? Have you ever had any “pregnancy brain” moments? Share yours in the comments below!