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By Published On: January 29th, 2010

Written by: Andy January 29 2010 I’m a guy’s guy. […]

Written by: Andy

I’m a guy’s guy. I grow a beard each winter just because I can. I enjoy bird hunting and standing in a river catching trout.

One day, I hope my son will join me in these endeavors. I can’t wait for the day he can accompany me on outdoor adventures, where we will both carry manly bags full of manly toys. But for now, he’s still in diapers and learning to sit up. And I am forced to walk through Target carrying a diaper bag adorned with flowers. It’s an embarrassment to both of us. Enter the DadGear Cargo jacket.

At first glance, the jacket appears to be like any other fleece jacket made for the outdoors. Upon further inspection, though, this jacket really shines as an essential piece of gear for any dad. All of the items necessary for a day out and about can be stored easily within the jacket. The pockets designed especially for parents are where DadGear separates itself from the crowd. Each side of the jacket is outfitted with a pocket for bottles, or any other beverage you wish to carry (I found it to be quite useful for water bottles before our son was born), and along the small of the back is a pocket that contains a changing pad. The breast pocket is ready for wipes, and has a slot that you can pull them through. The inside pockets (you know, the ones you used to hide a Walkman in!) are sized to hold diapers. Obviously, anything a dad needs for a day out can be held in this jacket, and can be done without carrying a goofy bag that emasculates you.

Aside from the jacket being functional, it is a great fit and incredibly durable. I’ve owned several fleece jackets from more expensive designers, and I have to say that this one has a more comfortable fit. I also like things that last a long time, which I suspect the DadGear jacket will. The construction feels strong, and the pockets will come in handy for carrying many other things once my son is out of diapers.

I have a suspicion that I am not alone in my displeasure of carrying a diaper bag, and this jacket is a perfect remedy for the guy who is looking to maintain his manliness while still carrying all of the obligatory items needed to take care of baby!

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