DadGear Backpack

By Published On: January 28th, 2010

I never thought I’d be excited to receive a diaper […]

I never thought I’d be excited to receive a diaper bag for my birthday, and I guess I can’t say that I was initially.
DadGearBackpackBut then I realized that my Dad Gear Backpack would liberate me from the girly bag we’d used for both of our daughters. The one I’d carried to and from daycare, in and out of restaurants, and even traveled with on several occasions. Whether my wife had been with me or not, I’d sported a red quilted bag with black patent trim for 2+ years—not an accomplishment I’m necessarily proud of.
So I became excited about the bag based on looks alone (interestingly enough, it was not unlike the backpack I’d carried throughout my college years) and after using it, I became even more enthused. It holds a ton. You can load it up with everything you might need (although if you’re anything like me, you’re still guaranteed to forget something) and have room leftover for more. It’s great for all-day events or weekend trips. Its capacity for organization is impressive, with pockets and pouches and places for everything. Of course, I can never recall which compartment I stowed the pacifier in or where I put the spare pair of clothes, so I often end up unzipping everything anyway. But when my wife uses it—she likes it too!—she always remembers where everything is and seems to thrive off the supreme level of orderliness.
The quality is great and the functionality is even better. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to a new dad—it looks cool and has all these great features to offer:

  • Quick access wipes window and refillable wipes case (that bottom front pocket opens right up to provide wipes access—easy to remember and easy to use)
  • Diaper hammock at the top of the bag keeps diapers up top for easy grabbing
  • Spacious main compartment with clamshell opening so you can get to your stuff easily
  • Light-colored interior
  • Stroller straps

Pocket count:

  • The pocket count for this backpack is anything but straightforward—with so many compartments, it’s hard to say exactly what’s what. Let me break it down for you as best I can.
  • 2 mesh exterior bottle pockets
  • 2 exterior zipper pockets with clip for things like bottles and toys
  • 1 wipes window at bottom front
  • 1 diaper hammock up top
  • 1 front compartment with 2 interior mesh pockets, 1 big pocket and 1 key hook
  • 1 middle compartment with 2 large mesh pockets
  • 1 main compartment


  • Changing mat

Price: $92
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