Daddy's got the touch

By Published On: July 29th, 2013

I’ve lost my touch. Or, at least it appears that […]

0729AIMJenniferDavisI’ve lost my touch. Or, at least it appears that I have. I used to be the one who could get Isaac to sleep without fail. I’d bounce, and “shhh,”and rock until he drifted into dreamland. The technique evolved over the months and quite truthfully had become an intricate dance of sorts. It worked like a charm. Until it didn’t anymore.
Suddenly, it seems like I cannot get this kid to bed to save my life. He fusses and pushes against me to the point that I almost cannot hold on to him. When I do manage to lull him to sleep, he wakes up as soon as I try to lay him down.
My husband used to leave me to do the bedtime routine, because I had “the touch.” Now, it seems I’ve passed the torch to him, as he’s much more successful. This only slightly irritates me. I’m not jealous at all, and it doesn’t make me the least bit sad.
Truth be told, it seems that Isaac is favoring his daddy all around lately. Don’t get me wrong, I think Daddy is pretty cool myself, but I can’t say it’s not hard to see him reaching for someone other than me.
I hear this is normal. Isaac is with me all day every day, and when Daddy comes home, he’s all tickles and playtime. It’s no wonder he’s the fun one.
I am happy that they have such a great bond.  There’s nothing greater than seeing my boys enjoying each other. Daddy may have the touch right now, but I’m still enjoying the dance.