Daddy's boy

By Published On: June 27th, 2012

Written by: Christopher Spicer June 26 2012 A few months […]

Written by: Christopher Spicer

A few months back, I wrote about how my son was showing signs that he preferred being with his parents over other people. I also admitted that even though I realize the importance of socializing Everett that I got a great deal of pleasure knowing he wanted to be around his daddy as much as possible. It is a few months later and Everett’s bond with me and Emily has strengthened.

For the most part, Everett is good with other people. If he is in a good mood, which is quite often, he is willing to be held by almost anyone. We’ve had a few people babysit him, and he has adjusted rather quickly to us not being around. There also have been a few instances where someone will be holding him and Everett erupts into a symphony of tears, but will instantly turn them off the moment I take him.

As I said a few months ago, I realize it is important that he gets comfortable with other people and that others are able to calm him down. I agree with that strategy and totally want to practice it. I also really love the fact that my son loves being in my arms and that I can be the person who instantly shifts his mood into positive territory.
I am sure some of you are yelling, “You’re forgetting to mention Emily. I’m sure she can calm Everett down too. She is the mother after all.” You’re right. She is the mother. She definitely is just as good at calming Everett down. Everett will unleash the most handsome of all smiles the moment he sees his mommy. But my relationship with my son is a little bit different, and sometimes I am the only one that turns an upset Everett into a fountain of joy.

We recently spent an afternoon outdoors, where Emily did some rock climbing with a friend. We brought Summit the dog along, and I felt that I should take him for a walk to burn off some of his energy. Apparently, while I was enjoying a nice little journey with Summit, Emily was being serenaded with Everett’s nonstop cries. The cries wouldn’t stop the entire time I was away. The moment that Everett saw me returning he suddenly stopped his cries and then started to express his happiness with a glowing smile and some joyous cooing.

During the day, there will be times when I’ll drop in to visit Everett, and he starts to giggle and talk. He’ll kick his feet out and he’ll flail his arms, and essentially, throw a giant celebration for my arrival into the room. I’ll often remark how he is a very happy and energetic baby today. Emily will say something like, “He is now that daddy is here. He was just staring at me wondering when I would entertain him for the last three hours.”

I know Everett loves Emily. If she is away for an extended period of time, then Everett gets very excited and reveals a huge smile when he sees her again. The night she returned after being gone for five days, Everett wouldn’t stop talking for over an hour and just kept laughing and smiling at Emily. He definitely loves being with his mommy. He also loves his grandparents and his aunts and his uncles and anyone else who spends the time to talk to him. But none of them quite have the daddy and Everett relationship.

I am not going to deny that Everett is daddy’s boy. We have a very special relationship. I’m usually able to quiet him down the fastest. He talks the most when he is with me. I really do want him to become just as happy with his mom. I want him to be able to get just as comfortable with the other people that have to look after him. Honest, I really do. But I also love the fact that he is daddy’s boy and that he loves being with me as much as I love him.