Daddy: The tough rules enforcer

By Published On: November 28th, 2012

Written by: Christopher Spicer November 27 2012 Emily claims that […]

Written by: Christopher Spicer

Emily claims that I am a “push over” as a dad. She has predicted that not only will I spoil Everett as he gets older, but I’ll allow him to get away with various household crimes. I don’t think I deserve such accusations. I am a much tougher and stricter father than she gives me credit. Here are a few examples of how I don’t spoil my son and allow him to get away with everything.

I once waited an entire 30 seconds (or was it 15?) before picking Everett up again after he cried over being put in his crib.

Everett is too young to eat potato chips and I would never allow him to snack on them at his age. He just gets to lick my fingers after.

I don’t come running every time that I hear my son fuss. It is more of a jog.

If Emily is around then Everett doesn’t even get a small taste of my ice cream. Come on, what kind of parent do you think I am? Yeah, you’re right, a sneaky one.

Everett isn’t allowed to spend an entire afternoon just making motor boat noises with me. He also gets to pull my nose.

It isn’t true that Everett gets everything he wants. Because I’m not always the person looking after him.

Am I overprotective? Is it true that I don’t allow Everett to fall when he is trying to stand? Do I freak out over the smallest injury? Am I even going to bother answering any of these questions? No.

Just because I instantly stop doing work the moment Everett starts to laugh, doesn’t mean I am allowing him to constantly distract me. We’re just really good at scheduling our breaks together.

If Everett asked for a sports car, would I run out and buy him one right now? No, I’d first run around and brag about how my 11-month-old son can talk.

There was one time when Everett tried to crawl right off the bed. I stopped him. See, he doesn’t get to do whatever he wants.