Cybex u.GO

By Published On: July 6th, 2011

The Cybex u.GO is a high-end wrap style carrier that […]

The Cybex u.GO is a high-end wrap style carrier that both looks and feels great.
The u.GO is, in essence, a long strip of fabric, which seemed daunting upon first glance. I couldn’t help but think That’s what I’m supposed to use to attach my baby to me? Thankfully, the helpful video on Cybex’s website provides a quick lesson in baby carrier origami and makes the fabric-strip-to-tot-holder transformation manageable for even the least coordinated parents (i.e., me). The convenient color-blocked, logo-sporting center panel marks the middle of the fabric to facilitate the wrapping process. After just a couple rounds of practice, getting the carrier lined up and ready to baby hold could be accomplished in only a few minutes.
Cybex uGO_0The u.GO offers a variety of carry options to suit both mom and baby’s age, including cradle, kangaroo, front facing in, front facing out, hip, back positions. It’s certified for use with babies from birth to 5 years and its custom fit allows the carrier to comfortably accommodate the carryee at each stage of growth and development. So far I’ve tried the cradle and kangaroo positions with my newborn and the back position with my almost-3-year-old. Both kiddos love being close to mama, and mama loves not always having to navigate a stroller through narrow aisles at the store or chase a toddler through the mall! My husband has even been known to wear the carrier on occasion (so glad we got the grey fashion) and seems to really enjoy it. He’s nearly a foot taller than me and at least 75 pounds heavier, so I never cease to find it remarkable that we can switch the carrier back and forth between the two of us without having to adjust a single buckle or strap. It’s so convenient!

The u.GO is made of a thick and sturdy material, with just a hint of stretch, to ensure adequate support and stability. During humid summer months, however, the heavy-duty fabric is admittedly warm. Even still, in the event of an accidental motion sickness resulting in baby spitting up, the u.GO cleans up nicely in the washing machine and seems to maintain its shape and resilience despite repeated washing. The carrier also folds nicely for transport in the diaper bag.
The u.Go retails for just under $80, which places it on the higher end of the price spectrum for wrap style carriers. Its quality, durability and versatility, however, deem it a worthwhile investment. The carrier is available in three colorways to provide a fashionable yet functional carry. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the fuss-free babywearing option and look forward to using it for years to come.
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