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By Published On: October 7th, 2013

Being pregnant with twins was one of the most exciting […]

CybexBeing pregnant with twins was one of the most exciting times of my life. The anticipation of adding two identical girls into our growing family made it difficult to wait the whole nine months. It was somewhat daunting, however, when thinking of what we needed to purchase prior to their arrival. Two of everything: car seats, swings, carriers, outfits (and diapers for two!). The only item that we only needed to get one of was our stroller—we got the Twinyx double stroller from Cybex, and it is designed to carry both of our babies side-by-side at the same time! It would be an understatement to say that we love this stroller.
The first things we noticed when looking at the Twinyx were that it was a well built, well thought out, and certainly good looking stroller. There are so many innovative features on this stroller that make it simpler for the parents—who are already exhausted—to adjust and prepare it for their growing children. In fact, it can hold twins from birth up to a combined weight of 77 pounds, potentially up to age 4 and up! (Of course, it would work well for siblings of different ages, too!) From the moment we took the stroller out of the box and assembled the wheels and canopy, we have been pleased with the Twinyx stroller.
The stroller is pretty much fully assembled within the box when you receive it. There are just a handful of parts that need to be installed, including the wheels, handles, canopy, and bumper bars. There is no need for tools, as the components simply click together, and the steps provided in the owner’s manual make this process very simple.
One word that you will see often in the owner’s manual is ‘adjusting’. This word is key, seeing how quickly our children grow and how often we need to make adjustments to car seats, strollers, etc. to be sure that they are still safely secured and comfortable. With the Twinyx, the adjustments are simple to do. From reclining the seat with one hand, lowering or raising the leg rests, adjusting the canopy height or even making the canopy larger, the process is just so simple.
Some of the awesome features, which I already preluded to above:

  • The Dual Super Canopy, which is like having four different canopies in one. It can slide up and down the frame to adjust the height. To double the size of the canopy, simply unzip the extra panel and you have more than enough protection for your baby.
  • The leg rests, which fold down and will allow your child to sit comfortably as they get a little bit bigger.
  • The seat recline, which is my favorite feature. With a single hand and the squeezing of a handle, you can quickly change the recline position on the stroller. Strollers I have used the past used straps for this function, which was cumbersome and required two or more hands—I love this easy option.

The brake on this stroller is nice also, because you only have to shift one lever on the right side with your foot, and a cable system locks the left wheels in place as well. On the wheels in the front, you have the option seen on most strollers that allows you to keep the wheels locked in a forward position or allows them to swivel for easier maneuvering in the mall.
If there were a drawback to this stroller, it would be the size of it once it is collapsed. But then, it is a twin stroller, and it is understood that it will not be the same size as a single stroller in the trunk of your van. With that said, Cybex was thoughtful enough to provide a handle for carrying the stroller, and even a strap for pulling it once it is collapsed. And collapsing the stroller is just as simple as using your foot on the levers located in the rear.
The owner’s manual is very complete, instructing the parent on everything from assembling the stroller, using the different functions, and cleaning and taking care of the stroller. You also have the option of purchasing rain covers and cup holders, which only add to the functionality of the stroller. The Twinyx comes with a two year limited warranty against any defects in workmanship and materials, but from what I can see so far this will not be a problem!
If you are looking for a side-by-side double stroller that is sturdy, attractive and practical, the Cybex Twinyx might be for you, too!
Price: $450
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