Cybex Solution X-fix

By Published On: June 16th, 2010

The high-back booster is the latest product from German company […]

The high-back booster is the latest product from German company Cybex to enter the U.S. market. Piece by piece, this high-end line is making its way over and impressing American moms, dads and even celebrities!
The Solution X-fix in particular has earned very high marks for safety and design in Europe, and it’s not hard to see why. Unlike some boosters that seem like they’re not doing much besides elevating the child, the Solution X-fix features sturdy, padded protection in case of front or side impact. It’s the side impact protection that especially stands out in the booster world.
CybexSolutionXfixWhen I pulled the booster from its box, I was immediately impressed by the cushy padding, quality materials and sleek look. Like the rest of the Cybex line (including strollers, carriers and other car seats), the Solution X-fix comes in several fresh colors with a modern look.
The booster comes in two pieces, but it’s important to note that the bottom booster should not be used by itself- the high back is essential and mandatory. At first I thought I was missing the instruction book, but then I flipped the top piece over: The owner’s manual is tucked inside a pocket in the back! This manual is very thorough and helpful in installing and using the seat.
The Solution X-fix installs with rigid LATCH connectors that successfully keep the seat rigid. When it’s pulled out, the connectors fold to fit conveniently behind the seat. It can also be used with the seat belt only if LATCH isn’t available in your car, but it seems that the LATCH connection does provide the most sturdy foundation. The instructions are also very particular about safety requirements: The seat needs to be in the right spot, without the car’s head rest impeding its placement, with a shoulder belt coming from behind, not from above like some captain’s seats.
As your child grows taller, adjustments can easily be made for the best fit. The seat height adjusts to 11 levels, and the head rest adjusts to three levels to help with head slump while your kiddo is sleeping. The seat belt threads through fixed spots in the seat’s back and base, creating the ideal fit for the height level you’ve selected; to me, this feels much safer than a one-size-fits-all! The range fits kids 33 to 100 pounds, 38 to 60 inches, and at least 3 years old. (100 pounds? That’s a petite adult!)
3-year-old Charlotte is still a little short for the seat, and I don’t yet trust her with a buckle she can undo herself, but her cousin fit very comfortably in the seat. I look forward to using it with my kids for many years! And it looks so cool, I don’t think a 6-year-old would complain (or an 8-year-old either- car seat rules are pretty strict, and I would like to keep my kids as safe as possible for as long as I can!).
With sturdy construction and washable fabrics, this seat seems like it could last quite a long time. A great investment in your family’s safety!
Price: $200
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