Cybex Ruby

By Published On: July 1st, 2012

When planning for our baby, my husband and I initially […]

When planning for our baby, my husband and I initially looked at full-size travel systems (which combine a stroller and a car seat), but we soon found that for many activities—like shopping, going for walks, and trips to the pool—such a cumbersome piece of equipment was more than we needed. The Cybex Ruby is a lightweight, umbrella style stroller perfect for our everyday needs.
Cybex RubyThe Cybex Ruby is the ideal summer stroller. It has a light vinyl canvas fabric that is detachable and machine washable. The XXL canopy is huge (though can be reduced as needed) and offers 50+ UV protection. It also has mesh sides and a back flap that lifts up to increase airflow. The stroller weighs less than 13 pounds and can easily be carried around using the attached shoulder strap. When folded, it takes up very little space in the trunk or backseat, making it great for road trips or even air travel.
This stroller does not come with a lot of bells and whistles. In fact, it is a minimalist’s dream. It has a mesh basket under the seat that is big enough for a diaper bag and a purse but not much else. Cup holders can be purchased separately along with a rain cover and a car seat adapter, but the lack of extras makes traveling light—with a stroller in tow—surprisingly feasible.
What I like most about this stroller is its weight and height capacity. The stroller can accommodate children weighing up to 55 pounds. Of course, most children become too tall for their strollers long before they reach this weight; however, the Cybex Ruby is 41 inches tall. The canopy slides up and down the frame to accommodate the child as she grows. In addition to being a good height for passengers, the stroller is a good height for pushers. My husband and I found that pushing this stroller is more comfortable for us than many other umbrella strollers, which tend to be a lot shorter. There was no kicking the back of this stroller as we walked!
When the stroller arrived, the first thing I noticed was its gorgeous color. The stroller comes in six shades, but we chose Lagoon because the turquoise hue is gender neutral, allowing us to continue to use it as our family grows. Assembly was easy at first. The manual clearly explains how to attach the wheels and the handles and how to unfold the stroller and lock it into place. I had this done in a matter of minutes. I ran into trouble with the canopy, however. The instructions said to slide the canopy on to the stroller frame. This sounded easy enough, yet I was soon breaking a sweat trying to snap the plastic clamps of the canopy over the frame of the stroller without breaking them. I finally gave up and waited for my husband to come home. I put him to the task and felt a little better about my lack of strength when he too struggled. Eventually, he was able to snap one side on and then the other. This was a relief because the large canopy is one of my favorite features.
Folding and unfolding the stroller was a piece of cake. I could unlock and lock it back into place with my bare feet. This was true of the brakes as well. The light weight makes it easy to push one-handed. An infant car seat adapter (sold separately, $25) can be purchased to go with the stroller and is compatible with most major brands. I love having this option, as it makes the stroller usable from birth and offers the same function of a travel system without as much bulk. When not used in conjuction with the car seat, the five-point harness held my daughter snugly in place and adjusted easily. The seat reclines slightly for added comfort.
This stroller has been perfect for quick trips and warm weather. Its sleek, minimalist design and eye-catching color make my little one and I turn heads wherever we go, and its extra height and light weight make our summer activities a breeze.
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