Cybex MIOS

Cybex MIOS
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A lightweight stroller was my go-to mode of transport with […]

A lightweight stroller was my go-to mode of transport with my first child. Needless to say, five years later when I was expecting my second child, I was excited to get a new lightweight stroller and even more ecstatic it was going to be the Cybex MIOS. The MIOS is a modern, lightweight stroller that is easily customizable and can even be used as a travel system.

There are different ways to purchase the Cybex MIOS. You can either purchase just the base of the stroller, which comes in either a matte black or chrome frame and comes with a mesh seat, wheels, car seat adapters, and a rain cover, or you can add optional accessories like the padded inlay, which can be purchased separately. There are also fashion collections such as Koi and butterfly that come with both the base and the inlay accessories in the specific designs. We received the matte black stroller base, which came in one box, and the black comfort inlay kit, which came in a separate box.

Assembling the MIOS was a breeze. Within 30 minutes, my husband had put together both the stroller base and the inlay kit using the manual. According to him, the assembly was relatively simple, but he was not a fan of the manual because it only had pictures and no additional instructions. Although the pictures were useful, it would have been helpful to also have text directions in conjunction with the illustrations. I quickly looked over the manual and opted to watch the assembly video, one of several informative videos posted on the Cybex website, which makes putting the stroller together a cinch.

Once assembled, the stroller is lightweight with a very sleek and modern design. Two of the most important features of the stroller to me are how lightweight it is at less than 20 pounds and its small footprint. Moving the stroller in and out of the trunk is much easier because of how light the stroller is. I don’t have to worry about scratching up my vehicle’s bumper from struggling to lift a heavy stroller. The small footprint of the stroller is also helpful because I have a crossover vehicle and always keep the MIOS in my trunk but am still able to utilize my trunk for groceries or other items.

The design of the Cybex MIOS is just as functional as it is fashionable. The handle bar is adjustable and covered in a leather-like material that matches the lap bar. The seat is covered in mesh fabric, an amazing feature that allows air to circulate and cool the child. One of the biggest problems I have run into in the past, especially when my oldest was a baby, is how hot and sweaty he would get in his car seat and stroller. The mesh seat of this stroller is amazing for the hot months, and in the cooler months the comfort inlay can be utilized. Not only is the modern design of the stroller aesthetically appealing, but it also has a functional element to it.

The mesh seat can be positioned multiple ways, and both the seat and leg rest can adjust to three different positions. The wheels on the Cybex MIOS not only have suspension, but the front ones swivel, too. Despite those features, I would recommend only using the stroller on flat surfaces and not rocky terrain. The stroller is also equipped with a basket at the bottom that can hold up to 11 pounds. The base does not include the sun canopy, but if the comfort inlay is purchased, it comes with an XXL sun canopy, and the color would match the inlay. There is a zipper on the canopy that allows you to make it bigger or smaller depending on the weather. If the canopy is fully open there is a peek-a-boo window.

Cybex MIOS, Pregnancy & Newborn

One of my favorite features of the stroller is the one-handed fold. Although I still use two hands to open the stroller, it is very easy to open and close the MIOS. There is a button on the handle bar which you push, and the stroller easily folds down. When opening the stroller, you use the same button on the handle and it easily opens the stroller.

Another great feature of the stroller is the ability to use it from birth. If you want to use the stroller for a newborn, you can use the adapters that come with the frame with either a Cybex or gb infant car seat to turn it into a travel system. We bought the Cybex Aton Q to use with the stroller right after the birth of our second son. It has been so convenient to move him from the car to the stroller without having to wake him up. The car seat slides onto the adapters in the rear-facing position and makes a clicking noise when it is secure. To remove the car seat from the base, there are two buttons on the sides that you have to push as well as lifting the seat up (which can be tricky until you get the hang of it). The MIOS carry cot is another newborn option for the stroller and can be purchased separately. I actually wanted to look into buying one, but had a hard time finding one that was in stock on a U.S. website.

The ability to customize the stroller makes the Cybex MIOS especially appealing to me. For my first son, I used my lightweight stroller for years, and although it was very functional, it was far from fashionable. I love how the Cybex MIOS not only has a very modern design, but has numerous accessories. A must-have accessory, in my opinion, is the MIOS color pack comfort inlay kit, which comes in seven different colors and three fashion prints. The kit includes a head cushion, extendable XXL sun canopy and the comfort inlay. Without this kit the stroller would not have a canopy, and the seat would be uncomfortable in the cooler months.

Cybex MIOS

Other accessories are a snack tray, foot muff, cup holder, parasol, changing bag, carry cot and insect net. Although there are so many different ways to personalize your Cybex MIOS by adding additional accessories, each one adds to the overall cost of the stroller, and the accessories are not widely available in U.S. stores or on U.S. websites. The stroller is relatively new so the accessories may become easier to find but would still be on mostly high-end baby websites.

I would definitely recommend the Cybex MIOS to my friends and family. Not only is it extremely functional as a lightweight stroller and travel system, but it also has a modern design that is customizable. The stroller’s hefty price tag definitely made me think twice, but it is a piece of baby gear worth investing in. If you are going to purchase the MIOS, I would strongly recommend also purchasing the comfort inlay because I think the XXL sun canopy as well as the inserts for the seat are essential to the stroller. With that said, I love the functionality of the stroller, being able to adjust the position of the seat, the mesh material, the one-hand fold, how lightweight it is and the sleek customizable design. The stroller will be heavily used and is worth every penny if it makes my hectic life a little easier.

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