CYBEX Cloud Q Infant Car Seat

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Two things I know for certain: You can identify new […]

Two things I know for certain: You can identify new parents by the deer-in-headlights look on their faces when attempting to install a car seat for the first time (I have a college degree and still stared at this contraption with utter confusion), and the CYBEX Cloud Q infant car seat is possibly nicer than my actual vehicle!

Before I start doting on how beautiful this thing is, let’s talk the manual. Like all baby products, there are many unfamiliar levers, buttons and belts to make sense of. I have mixed feelings on the instructions for this product. It comes in many languages (which is obviously helpful overall), but this creates a need to flip back and forth between pages to match what is being read to what is actually pictured. It’s quite extensive (about 190 pages thanks to all three languages!), but the reading goes quickly once you get used to it. However, I eventually resorted to YouTube for added clarification. I need someone to spell it out for me when it comes to installing a car seat for my baby, as it is very important to do it correctly—and I am a newbie at this!

Once I got the hang of the language and a general understanding of what’s what, I couldn’t believe what all this car seat comes with. It is stacked with so many features I love. This is one sleek, streamlined car seat, and it oozes modern luxury and innovation. If you are aesthetically inclined and appreciate the look of products you invest in, this is a great option to consider. From a sheer visual standpoint, the Cloud Q is not only beautiful, but also looks safe because it is safe. CYBEX prides itself on meeting the strictest of safety requirements for its products, and the Cloud Q is no exception.


This seat is complemented with a seat base that includes a leg-lock to help absorb a forward rotation of the seat and the force of a front collision, telescoping linear side-impact protection (translation: these additional side-impact protectors absorb the impact forces early on, effectively protecting the head and upper body in a side-impact collision), EPS foam lining on both the sides and the headrest, an XXL canopy offering excellent sun protection with UVP50+ (to protect baby’s skin!), and eleven different positions for the height-adjustable headrest that simultaneously changes the harness length and sitting angle of the car seat.

This means the infant car seat can grow with your child (structured for babies 4 to 35 pounds or up to 30 inches)—and you won’t have to rethread the harness each time. There is also a removable newborn inlay specifically for premature babies and very small newborns, if needed. Win!

Now for the cool part! What makes the Cloud Q unique is the ability to transition from a car seat to a carrycot. Yes, you read that correctly. It will function as a car seat in your vehicle, then as a traditional carrycot when removed. This is possible because the Cloud Q has the option to recline fully, creating a completely horizontal surface for your baby to relax without compromising the health of baby’s spine or her ability to breath properly.

It can provide an all-in-one travel system if you have a compatible stroller base. According to CYBEX, all strollers compatible with the AtonQ and Priam (both Cybex products) will also work with the Cloud Q. Note that the fully reclined position is only available when removed from your vehicle. To avoid putting your child back in the car in this incorrect position, the Cloud Q has automatic locking levers built into where the seatbelt is threaded to prevent the user from being able to secure the seat. It will also not lock in place if left in this position.


Assembly wise, it’s pretty minimal. There’s a base and the car seat itself. The installation process was a little more trying. Again, as a first time parent this was initially challenging for me, but there are specific instructions for installation printed on the base of car seat that are very helpful. There are four different variations of installation to choose from depending on your vehicle and where you plan to set-up your Cloud Q. Once you identify the type of installation that best matches what you plan to use, the pictures provide a step-by-step example of how to strap in the car seat and secure it. We chose to install the car seat with the base, although you can choose to do it without one. The difference is how you buckle the seat to your vehicle.

I found there is no shortage of confirmation when wondering if the seat has been properly installed. Thankfully, when using the base, the carrier will click into place, so you know when it has been fastened! Size wise, one seat is plenty of room to accommodate the Cloud Q. We have a mid-size sedan and had no issues fitting both the base and the car seat into our vehicle.

I found the car seat a tad heavy (the base is also quite heavy), but it’s worth it because of everything it comes with. It is available in 17 fun colors to choose from, and the cover can be washed on a delicate cycle. All other plastic components can be wiped down with warm water.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend this product! Although some of the features may not be “necessary,” there is no denying these features are incredibly helpful and innovative. What is necessary is excellent safety. The ability to provide optimal safety inside and outside of the car is everything a parent could want! This car seat is a great investment, considering the impeccable safety features and the fact that it can be utilized up to 18 months! I would highly recommend the Cloud Q for anyone looking to invest in a quality piece of equipment that both talks the talk and walks the walk. I absolutely love it!

Price: $450

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