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I’ll be honest; car seats are intimidating. Similar to other infant product categories, there are just SO many to choose from. When I found out I was going to be a first-time mom, I spent a lot of time researching all of the available brands and features. CYBEX is not a brand I was familiar with before diving into the world of car seats, so I’ll admit I first overlooked it, opting to spend time on more familiar names. Silly me.

I was actually first introduced to the CYBEX Aton Q by an employee at a popular baby retail store who claimed it was their top pick, and I instantly fell in love.

First, this seat is just beautiful. I am not the type of mom that wants my house and style to all of the sudden scream small fluffy animals and pastel colors now that I am transitioning into motherhood, so I like that this seat is sleek. From the curved design to the modern color options, to the large canopy that completely integrates into the seat when not in use, it makes me feel like an instant celebrity.

Looks aside, what’s most important to me when choosing a car seat are the safety features, and boy does this seat have them! Let’s start with the adjustable load leg—smart. Surprisingly, not a lot of car seats in the U.S. feature this. From what I read, it’s a popular European feature, which makes sense since CYBEX is a German company. It provides additional stabilization to the seat and helps reduce the transfer of energy in a crash. Just research “load leg” in Consumer Reports, and you’ll wonder why anyone would ever buy a car seat without this feature.

Other impressive safety features include the telescoping linear size-impact protection, EPS foam liner, an additional layer of EPS foam in the headrest, and the steel frame. One negative is that I found this car seat to be slightly heavier than others I was looking at, which is likely due to the steel frame. In the end, I decided an extra few pounds was worth the added safety. After all, I really just plan to go directly from the car to the travel system, which was another reason I went with the Aton Q. By purchasing an adapter, this seat is compatible with a popular one that I’ve had my eye on.

In terms of growing with baby, the seat pad is easy to adjust to eight different settings by simply pulling on a tab, and I love that the harness doesn’t require rethreading. I am pretty confident that even my husband, someone who is clueless about baby products, can figure this one out.

The manual is tucked in a compartment under the seat. It’s great that I can store it here, so I won’t lose it (but it was difficult to find when I first opened the box). The instructions are clear and detailed. For installation, there is a leveling foot in the base and a level indicator to ensure you are getting the correct recline. In a few simple steps, the instructions take you through installing the car seat using LATCH (which I didn’t even know my car had), installing with a lap and shoulder belt, installing with just a lap belt, installing on an airplane, and installing without a base. There are also pictorial instructions on the base for easy reference. As any car seat would, it took me a bit to figure out installation (first-time mom over here), but the instructions were helpful. Since that initial attempt, I’ve gotten the hang of it.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend the CYBEX Aton Q. It’s great that I can prioritize style, safety AND function without having to compromise. Plus, I just feel cool carrying it around!

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