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I recently decided to get a bike after I saw […]

I recently decided to get a bike after I saw how much my children enjoyed riding in the trailer to and from the beach on a recent family trip. So, I was really excited to try out the Croozer Kid for 1 Bike Trailer. After my experience pulling a double behind a beach cruiser, the Croozer on my hybrid bike was a breeze!

I’ve been researching trailers since my trip, both singles and doubles, and we decided a single and a double made the most sense for our family. When we are on family trips we can put each child in their own trailer—the “Mommy, he’s touching me” made the combined trips less enjoyable. So what we have been looking for are safety features, weight and the ability to convert to other options. The Croozer fits the bill for all three of these.

The trailer itself was very easy to attach to my bike and was very lightweight, at 26 pounds. What I really love about it: It can work as a bike trailer, a stroller (with a small front wheel) or a jogging stroller (with a large front wheel). We can bring the small wheel and handle accessories on a bike trip, allowing us to walk around and enjoy a festival with a stroller to hold our younger child who is right at 1 year. The storage in the back has a small pocket that can hold diapers, blankets and all the essentials of traveling with a baby or toddler.

I should also mention that this trailer collapses with a quick-folding mechanism. Once you remove the handle bar and wheels, the whole trailer system can be stored in space about the size of a large cooler. Also, the trailer comes with a second hitch for families, making switching between mom’s and dad’s bikes a breeze.

The third accessory converts the trailer to a jogging stroller. I personally have never owned a jogging stroller. We just found our family garage was quickly becoming a storage unit for all of the children “mobiles” we owned. But now with this trailer, all I have to store is the wheel, and I have a single jogger. It’s a bigger wheel that keeps the jostling down for your little one, and it is super simple to switch the pins out from the hitch to the wheel. You use the same handle from the standard stroller attachment.

In terms of comfort for my children, both my 1 year old and 3 year old fit comfortably in the trailer (individually). The trailer has a baby support seat that is sold separately, for extra safety on children 6-18 months. We used this for our son, and it made the whole seat feel more secure.

Overall, the trailer is fantastic in terms of size, weight and quality—as well as the overall simplicity of switching between stroller, jogging stroller and trailer. If you are in the market for your first trailer, I’d highly recommend buying this and saving yourself the garage space of three separate children mobiles.

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