Creative Vado HD Pocket Video Cam

By Published On: January 29th, 2010

Written by: P&N January 29 2010 My baby girl does […]

Written by: P&N

My baby girl does about a million cute and funny things each day.

Up until last month, my only hope of catching these moments was to lug around my bulky video camera or remember to record them in her journal (which is rather 2-dimensional memory keeping!). That changed when I came across the Vado HD—it’s a handheld video camera that literally takes up as much room as my cell phone, so I can easily keep it in my diaper bag at all times. It’s not flashy to look at—black with a clear silicone skin—but my friends never fail to admire its technical capabilities. (Yes, I do whip it out at social functions.)

The Vado packs an amazing wallop of technology in a very small package. It contains a built-in USB connector so it can charge directly from my computer, no batteries needed. Recording is a cinch—I only need to turn it on and press record—so I’m less likely to miss my baby’s antics. The camera’s picture quality is very good (which explains the higher price tag), and it includes 2x digital zoom. With the 8GB internal memory, I can record 2 hours of video at top quality or up to 8 hours at lower quality.

Videos are just as easy to share as they are to film. The Vado HD program features easy uploading to YouTube, Photobucket and, so the grandparents are not disappointed!

Price: $230
Buy it: Creative USA