Crazy cravings

By Published On: February 27th, 2012

We asked our fans on Facebook what their weirdest hankerings […]

womaneating-2We asked our fans on Facebook what their weirdest hankerings were when baby was on board. Here’s what they ‘fessed up to:
Chocolate ice cream and cheese. —Chanelle Wetmore-Baker, Katy, TX
Warhead hard candies and pickles, together! —Allie Phillips, Jasper, AL
I love to eat sliced apples with vinegar and salt. Just love it! —Melissa Cherry Jones, Rustenburg, South Africa
Balsamic vinegar!Iput it on everything. I could have drunk the stuff! —Casey Tisdale Magnolia, Jackson, MS
Sour gummy worms dipped in cinnamon applesauce. —Katie Beverson, Anchorage, AK
Bean burrito, hamburgers, regular Coke and ICE. —Kim Manning, Longview, TX
Whole tomatoes dipped in mayo. —Anna Hines, Charlotte, NC
Shrimp salad, lemons in all my drinks and gyros. —Sara Smedberg, Springfield, MA
Pool water, corn (every day, any way), zote soap and chicken soup. —Esteffani Morales, Bakersfield, CA
Raw onions dipped in mustard. —Sarah Schopp, Troy, MO
Beer. The craving was insatiable. And of course, I couldn’t drink any. I constantly had hubby making O’douls runs. It might not sound like too strange a craving, but because Iloathed the taste of beer prior to pregnancy, it certainly took me by surprise! —Michele Delaney Reed, Atlanta, GA
Sweet pickle relish, ketchup and mustard sandwich. No meat necessary! —Whitney Fountain, Olathe, KS
I craved coffee ice cream during my last trimester. It was oh so good that Ihad it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and anytime in-between! —Avon Sison, Vacaville, CA
The smell of hand sanitizer/rubbing alcohol. —Angel Prater Swinton, Mesquite, TX
Salt and vinegar chips and cherry cheesecake. Together. —Andrea Stoker, Birmingham, AL
Paper!When I would open the filing cabinet at work … the very smell of the paper would make my mouth water!(Don’t worry, I didn’t eat any.) —Trice Moss, Cincinnati, OH
Pickles and milk. —Maine Walker, Lindenwold, NJ