Couple time

By Published On: November 28th, 2011

Written by: Tracy November 28 2011 I am a hopeless […]

Written by: Tracy

I am a hopeless romantic. Seriously, it’s bad. I can probably direct quote any romance flick that’s graced the silver screen in the last century. And even though I’ve seen them about a hundred times each, I will still cry at every first kiss.

Love just gets me somewhere deep down inside. And it’s the real-life stuff that hits me the hardest. Just the other day, I read a story about a couple who had been together for over 50 years and died side by side, holding hands. Be it the pregnancy hormones, or the plain fact that I am obsessed with the idea of lasting love, I couldn’t help to get a little reminiscent about my own true-life love story.

Brack and I celebrated our 12-year anniversary as a couple on Monday. We didn’t do anything special (we now reserve the glitz for our actual wedding anniversary) but the day gave me time to reflect on our life as a twosome. We only have two months left of being just us and though I know we are both so ready to have our little guy here, every moment of our time alone together has become that much more special.

Mornings in bed seem to linger a little longer and when we dance in the kitchen (See, I told you I’m hopeless), we seem to hold on a little bit tighter. Just taking the time to watch our favorite movies creates a time for connection that we would normally overlook. I am treasuring every moment of our time together. Every Saturday breakfast and trip to the grocery store has a completely different meaning. We’ve been going on as many little babymoon trips as possible and they’ve all been a chance to spend some time away just being a couple. All of these precious moments are a way for us to forge an even stronger bond before our little guy arrives. Who knew watching a man install a car seat could be such a romance booster?

I am excited about our new life as a threesome. And I should be because I have a pretty good setup. To partner with Brack on this journey to parenthood is a dream. He’s literally the yin to my yang. His brain picks up exactly where mine leaves off. He’s calm; I’m not. He’s practical; I’m impulsive. He’s well-grounded; my head is almost always in the clouds. He’s fiscal minded and I always seem to forget my purse. Long story short; he’s my other half. As Jerry Macguire as it sounds, he really does complete me. He also makes me laugh.

As much as I love him now, I can only imagine how much I will love seeing him as a Dad. Here’s to opening the next chapter of our love story.

Lots of love,