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When I first laid eyes on the Cosatto Supa Stroller, I […]

When I first laid eyes on the Cosatto Supa Stroller, I absolutely loved the design. I’m not typically a pattern person, and some “baby” patterns are a little much for me, but the firebird design has just the right amount of baby cuteness without going overboard. (They have loads of other cute designs, too—check them out!) I was so excited to put the stroller together and start using it out and about.

CosattaSUPA1Upon opening the box there wasn’t a lot of assembly, which was nice. The manual is somewhat separated with descriptions in the front and pictures in the back. I tend to be more of a visual learner, and the pictures were very helpful; however, at the times I needed the written description, it was a little annoying flipping back and forth.

Nonetheless, the stroller was ready for use within 30 minutes. It came with a footmuff for cool weather walks, and it’s very easy to add and remove as needed. For smaller babies, there is also an infant “headhugger” which is easily added and/or removed as needed. Of course, everything is adorably coordinated.

CosattoaSUPA3One complaint I have had with umbrella/lightweight strollers we’ve tried in the past is that we haven’t had one that is easy to store. This one conveniently has a stand mechanism, which makes storage much easier without having to worry about a stroller rolling out of the closet every time the door is opened.

The harness system was also nice for us. It’s a 5-point system, which makes it easy to get baby’s arms in/out without having to force them bent through a loop, which our baby appreciates when she’s sleeping at the end of a trip.

Another feature that our sleeping baby (and her parents) enjoys is the reclining seat with a handle that makes the transition easy for all those involved. It’s recommended for children 33 pounds and under.

A couple of other neat features are some of the technology additions. I love listening to music on walks and my favorite part of this stroller is the speaker and pocket in the back that can attach to media devices and play music so your little one can hear as well. There is also a sleeve for a tablet in the top of the hood, which could be nice if your little one needs a little distraction during an outing.

Speaking of the canopy, I am a big fan of the size. It has enough coverage without completely blocking the child’s view. There is a small peekaboo window near the back, so you can peek in on the child without worrying about sun shining through too much. Also, a cupholder is conveniently located at the back of the stroller and there’s a nice pocket to store some of mom/dad’s belongings. The basket in the bottom of the stroller is comparable to other umbrella strollers I’ve seen and used in the past—not too big but stores the necessities well.

CosattaSUPA4Now, getting to function. The biggest place we have used our stroller is on a shopping trip, and the stroller was a great size for maneuvering through the tight racks in clothing stores. It handled well on all surfaces getting in and out of the mall as well. I’m not sure it would be the best choice for nature walks as the wheels are plastic, but it’d be perfect for city walks. Each wheel has separate brakes so you can brake just the back or all four if needed, and although there’s not a single foot brake it’s easy to lock/unlock wheels quickly.

It’s easy to fold and unfold quickly and there’s a nice handle on the side that makes it easy to carry and place in and out of your car. You can remove all fabric pieces for washing but it is not the easiest to take on and off.

The Supa has been a super addition to our always growing supply of baby gear and will be used for months (and hopefully years) to come.

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