Contours Options LT Tandem Stroller

By Published On: March 31st, 2014

When I found out I was pregnant, buying a double […]

When I found out I was pregnant, buying a double stroller wasn’t at the top of my to-do list. Being on a tight budget, I figured I could “get along without it” for a while. But, after a couple of months of outings with our toddler and infant, it became clear that a double stroller would need to join our family-of-four pronto.
Enter the super versatile Contours Options LT Tandem Stroller.
ContoursOptionsLT1I researched a number of double strollers in my search for The One, but I’m a girl who likes choices, so when I found out the Contours Options had about a bajillion seat configurations (actual count: 6), I was sold.
Anyone who has ever taken care a toddler knows that their moods can change in an instant. Thanks to the multiple seating options and the easy change-up—altering the configuration takes just seconds—I can keep up to my mini-me’s changes in temperament almost as fast as he can have them. He can face baby, face mom,or face the world depending on his disposition.
ContoursOptionsLT2For now, my 4-month-old stays in her car seat, fitted securely into the stroller thanks to the included infant car seat adaptor. (It fits a wide range of models, including our Safety First car seat, and for extra-stability, a safety anchor is also included.) But, when she is old enough, I know the stadium style-seating will come in handy during trips to the zoo and the aquarium.
At a price-point that is well-below many other double strollers, I’ve been impressed since the minute my husband and I pulled the Contours Options out of the box. Or, I suppose I should say pulled the pieces of the Contours Options out of the box. The stroller came completely disassembled, but set-up took just 20 minutes with my husband and I working together. (Me dutifully reading the manual step-by-step. Him ignoring me and putting the pieces together based on his manly intuition.)
ContoursOptionsLT4Once we had it together, my hubby initiated it with a spin around the house. It took the tight turns in the kitchen and entryway like a champ. Seriously, this stroller’s maneuverability is second to none. And, I say that having owned a fancy-schmancy $500 single stroller. It can be a little unwieldy if you’re on a serious slant, but for typical flat-terrain situations, it handles like a dream.
Besides the easy steering, it’s also narrow enough—about 25 inches from wheel to wheel—to fit through department store aisles, making mall shopping with two kids doable again. (If that’s not enough to make me love this little red delight, I don’t know what is!)
ContoursOptionsLT3Surprisingly, despite it’s smart design overall, the Contours Options doesn’t include a parent tray. Not having an easy-to-reach stash for my phone and keys has been a bit frustrating, especially while out walking in pocket-less yoga pants. And, the cupholder isn’t very sturdy. I’ve had water bottles kamikaze their way to the ground on more than one occasion. But, from what I hear, adding a universal-fit parent tray is an easy-fix to both of these dilemmas.
Thankfully, what the Contours Limited lacks in tray space, it makes up for in under-carriage storage. The basket is cavernous, like, fit-a-weeks-worth-of-groceries or carry-another-small-child cavernous. Finally, I can get my shop on at all those stores (I’m looking at you, TJ Maxx) with shopping carts too small to hold a toddler and an infant car seat at once, let alone any actual merchandise.
ContoursTandem5While I love walking with our new stroller, I sometimes find myself dragging my feet when it comes to packing it up. Collapsing it is simple: just put the brake into the “lock” position, pull up on the handlebar and pull back slightly. The stroller collapses and automatically locks into place. It can even be folded down with both seats in place. (Note: both seats must be in the forward-facing position.)
Getting the stroller into my trunk is a whole other—much more awkward—story. Although not at all weighty for a double stroller at 33 pounds, it is still a bit heavy for me to lift into my trunk. (Though, to be fair, this may be less a critique of the stroller as of my wimpy biceps.) And, when folded down, it isn’t terribly slim, making getting it into our Toyota Camry a small battle. Fortunately, unloading the stroller is less taxing, and once I have it out, it stands on its own in the garage thanks to the Free Stand feature.
ContoursOptionsLT6One of the things that has surprised me most about the Contours Options stroller is how it has instigated my newfound love of color. I’m notorious for owning neutral-toned everything, including kid’s items. But, thanks to this candy-apple gem, I’ve learned to embrace cheery pops of color. In fact, because I often walk along a road where cars don’t observe the speed limit, the super-visible crimson color has made me feel safer and happier.
And, in the end, I’d say that’s the story of the Contours Options. It’s made life with two littles better for us: easier, happier and safer. Whether my little guy is snoozing in the shade of his reclined seat while his sister naps in her car seat during one of our afternoon walks, or whether I’m packing away my new finds into the storage basket while out shopping, I often wonder how I would be getting along without a double stroller. I’m glad I’ll never have to find out.
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