Comfort & Harmony Cradling Bouncer

By Published On: December 16th, 2013

When a product can be emulate the soothing surround of […]

When a product can be emulate the soothing surround of a mother’s arms, allowing her signature “bounce” to rest, it becomes a mama’s best friend. As such, the Comfort & Harmony Cradling Bouncer is my new BFF.
ComfortAndHarmonyCradlingBouncer1The bouncer came in a convenient space-saving box with easy assembly and, consequently, disassembly. The bouncer takes up minimal space, and setup required minimal time plus a screwdriver (to remove the battery pack lid). While the assembled apparatus takes up quite a bit of space, it is no bigger or more cumbersome than the average entertainer, especially considering all it has to offer.
The bouncer is available in a variety of fashions to suit most any décor. Our is is tastefully girly with an heir of maturity that makes it much less offensive than the average entertainer.
Although the bouncer is very affordable (it retails right around $50), it can stand up to my two daughters use and abuse, so it safe to say it’s far from cheap. With a 2-month-old and an 20 month old, this entertainer has experienced it all … and survived.
ComfortAndHarmonyCradlingBouncer2The bouncer provides not only a safe haven for my younger daughter (kindly keeping her meddlesome big sister away), but also a comfortable place to rest. It has a two position recline for ultimate comfort and two plush toys to gaze at. From the time my younger daughter was born, she has enjoyed being snug and enveloped, whether in blankets, my arms or the plush padding of this bouncer. It has soft fabric  sides and headrest, both which are easily removable and machine washable. Everything that is fabric on the apparatus, except for the toy bar, is machine washable, which is extremely advantageous given my 2-month-old’s susceptibility to explosive bowel movements.
With the suspension design of the seat, I am confident that the bouncer will continue to grow with my daughter while maintaining the snug fit she finds comforting. In truth, even that my 20-month-old daughter of mine has tested it out and successfully caught some shut-eye.
ComfortAndHarmonyCradlingBouncer3My only complaint is that the toy bar, although incredibly easy to attach to the bouncer, is also incredibly easy to unattach. Thus, it’s not uncommon for me to be approached by a 20-month-old holding this “piece of furniture,” as she calls it. Luckily, my younger daughter remains securely and snugly strapped into the bouncer despite her sister’s inquisitive nature. (Also, we learned we needed use a little extra oomph to make sure the music/vibrating box was fully secured. Otherwise, the inquisitive older sister strikes again, acquiring a new electronic toy for herself and driving mommy crazy trying to find the tiny machine responsible for those seven soothing melodies.)
Although nothing can—or should—replace a mother’s arms, all of us moms deserve a break once in a while. Lucky for me, my children love the Comfort & Harmony Cradling Bouncer. More often than not the vibration soothes them, sometimes even to sleep. And let’s face it, anything that can do double-duty for a 2-month-old and 20-month-old—especially for only $50!—is a winner.
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