Combi Zeus 360

By Published On: April 26th, 2010

When it came time for me to move Charlie from […]

When it came time for me to move Charlie from his infant seat to a convertible car seat, I was convinced I would have to buy a new car. You read that right, a whole new car! I have a Honda Element, which I love, but the backseat is not very car seat-friendly. There are drink holders in between the two back seats, so there is no room for a seat there; the seat is also so far back that it is absolutely impossible to put a child in rear-facing without getting completely into the backseat of the car (there are only two “real” doors—the back ones are only small half doors like you find in smaller pickup trucks) and buckling your child in. That’s why I was ecstatic when I stumbled onto the Combi Zeus 360. The Zeus 360 is hands-down the most unique car seat I’ve ever seen and absolutely the only one of it’s kind. It is designed to rotate 360 degrees and accommodates children up to 33 pounds rear-facing and 40 pounds forward-facing.
CombiTo use the seat, you simply buckle your baby in while he’s facing you, and then rotate the seat so he can safely ride facing backwards while car is in motion. It’s very easy, and truly a genius idea!
This seat has made my life so much easier and still has all the same bells and whistles as other big-name seats. Going place is so much more convenient now than it was with Charlie’s old convertible seat. I also think the Zeus 360 is faster and easier to use than other convertible seats on the market. Charlie and I just got home from a play date at the park—when the other mommy and I put the boys in their car seats to head home, I was amazed at how much faster I had Charlie in and ready to go! The 360 makes life so much easier and I’m stoked that I didn’t have to give up my cool car!
Price: $330
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