Combi Go and Grow Walker

By Published On: December 1st, 2014

Walkers are fantastic inventions for little ones. It gives them […]

Walkers are fantastic inventions for little ones. It gives them the freedom to explore like “big” kids while keeping them safe—and allowing a little bit of a break for mommy’s or daddy’s back. I had been looking for a walker for my second child, as we borrowed from a friend for our first. Our son was born a big boy and has been on the top end of the height chart. The first walker we purchased didn’t really work that well because he sat too far out of it, and it made for a wobbly walk for his weak tummy and hip muscles.
Combi-Stationary EntertainerI was so pleased to try out the Combi Grow and Go Walker! When I began assembling it, I was a bit concerned about the simplicity of the three hanging toys on top (a mirror, a squeaky toy, and a plush lion). I thought with my very active boy, it wouldn’t keep his attention long. However, as a walker it was fantastic! The wheels turn 360 degrees, so that he only gets stuck when he tries to go through tight places. I never have to run over to help him out of a corner or furniture traffic jam. He’s able to go forward and backward and everywhere else easily. We’ve had other walkers with wheels that don’t turn completely, and they get stuck all the time.
I also love that it is adjustable, even for tall children to support their backs enough. The seat is also padded and soft and seems comfortable. He’s literally been running around the house in it—to the point that my older one hides, so she doesn’t get run over. He loves it!
The more I think on the simplicity of the top, the more I really like it. Little ones are known for drooling, spitting up and eating on the run. It’s streamlined top allows for easy cleaning. We’ve had the larger more complex entertainers, and while they work well to keep my little one busy, the spit up (and subsequent clean up) is a pain. I’m positive I’ve never fully been able to clean out the grooves, which is pretty gross to think about.
If you have a child who is content with hanging out and standing, then you can use the Go and Grow as a stationary entertainer until he’s ready to practice those first steps. Once your tot moves onto “stage two,” you can make the walker mobile for more rambunctious little ones to get their energy out.
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Probably the best feature of this walker is that when my son starts solo walking and doesn’t need any extra support anymore, it won’t go to waste. The final transformation of the Go and Grow converts into a table that’s just his height. It also came with two mini matching chairs that we’ve already assembled and have in our living room. The height is great because he can climb on and off, and even if he tumbles, it’s no higher than if he fell over while standing.
Coming from someone with a fairly compact house, I’d say the walker is a bit bigger than others I’ve seen, but giving my son the ability to turn with those 360 wheels—not to mention the versatility of the three stages—easily out weighs the size of it! You’re basically getting three useful products in one!
This walker-entertainer-table combo is a great value. It’s one my son loves to use, and I’m glad he can keep playing in it (or on it) for a long time! It’s definitely a product I’ll recommend to my friends.
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