Combi Fold 'N Go Double

By Published On: November 1st, 2015

When I first took out the Combi Fold ‘N Go Double, […]

When I first took out the Combi Fold ‘N Go Double, I was happy to see that the stroller design is so straightforward that you hardly need a manual to put it together or operate it! Just in case, though, the manual is very user friendly—it gives great diagrams, photos and explains everything easily. I especially appreciated a little bullet point list labeled “If the Stroller Won’t Fold …” as I sometimes struggle to remember all of the little things that have to be “just so” for the stroller to collapse all the way.
The stroller assembly might be the easiest I have ever done. No additional tools or extra hands are required as everything quickly and easily clicks or locks into place. The stroller seems incredibly sturdy and high quality, and it looks very sleek. I have seen the stroller available in a couple colors, but I really like the black one that I have—it looks very trendy, without any extra designs or patterns that would eventually look dated.
The stroller is (of course) larger than a single stroller, but it collapses pretty well to be almost “flat.” (And after a couple tries, I had made note of the few aspects have to be “just right” for the pull strap to work as intended.). Even collapsed, it takes up a decent amount of space—I drive a Jeep, and the stroller dominates my trunk area. It is definitely not a closet storage item—we keep ours in the garage between uses. On the plus side, the stroller is a great weight for a double and is very manageable for one person to move around easily.
The stroller has a 5-point harness that adjusts well and both kids were very happy when riding in it. The seats seem comfortable, adjust very easily and can recline almost fully, so having a sleeping kiddo in the seat worked just fine! I really appreciate that the reclining component is a drawstring that lets you pick exactly where you want to set it, as preset notches may or may not be exactly right for your child.
I do wish the harness could be changed to accommodate varying heights—you can adjust the strap length, but it would be nice if you could position the straps based on the age and/or size of your child. The stroller can hold children up to 50 pounds in each seat, which seems to be a good range if you have two little ones.
My biggest complaint would be that there are not any additional support pieces with the stroller. The seat is structured well enough to accommodate even a tiny human, but to do so it would need just a bit of head support. The stroller design could have easily included a head support that snapped onto the seat, which would have allowed me to take my infant and 2-year-old out at the same time. Instead, I felt that I needed to wait until my younger one was a bit further along (when I wouldn’t worry so much about his head control).
The material for most of the stroller is a black nylon, which is very easy to clean—I am able to wipe anything up with ease. It would be nice if the back of the stroller area (where most snacks and/or dirt tend to gather over time) were removable so I could wash the entire piece, but with some intention, you can manage to clean just about everywhere.
There are no snack trays for the stroller, but there are cup and snack holders on either sides of the seats. We found they weren’t big enough for most of our items—only one small sippy cup fits in the holder—but they holders are conveniently located for housing small toys, “treasures” from the park, etc. There is one cup holder for my use, but it isn’t very big—it accommodates my coffee cup, but not my water bottle. I do like that they have new cup holders and wheels easily accessible online (and for reasonable prices), though I haven’t needed to replace any of those pieces.
The independent canopies are quite large and have great mesh areas that allow for air movement and let you see the kids.
The stroller is built well and has clearly been designed for being on the go physically—the wheels are made of strong plastic, are very durable and handle curbs and corners well. The large foot brake is positioned well, is not too obtrusive and is easy to push. The swivel is also well done and doesn’t catch often.
Although the Combi website states that the stroller fits through standard doorways, I’ve struggled to fit it through doorways when the cupholders and canopies are attached. I have been able to fit the stroller through oversize entry doors and through standard double doors (without the center pole), but I can’t fit it through the standard single doors of my house or garage. Of course, there’s a chance my house is built to wonky measurements. In case you’re curious, the edge to edge measurements with clips and cupholders attached is 34 inches. Double-check your doorways!
Overall, this stroller seems to be of good quality, is well put together and handy for frequently pushing around two bigger kids. I’d just make the cupholders a bit bigger and the width a hair narrower, if I could!
Price: $330
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