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Can I be honest here? When I think “lightweight stroller,” […]

Can I be honest here? When I think “lightweight stroller,” I think “cheap.” And I don’t necessarily mean price. Something about the overall design and construction just feels flimsy to me, and when you combine that with a bumpy ride and low handlebars, well, you can see why I’m not a fan. But then I tried out the Combi F2. The ad pitch? “Light as a feather… “ and at about 8 pounds, it’s no lie. Yet somehow, they managed to pull off a lightweight stroller that actually strolls nicely and looks good. Let’s review.

Yes, the Combi F2 is light. It’s light enough that I can pick it up easily with one hand if the need arises, and even better, light enough that my older kids can push the littler kids around. The one-hand thing is significant, actually, because guess what else you can do while balancing a baby on your hip? Unlike almost every other stroller I’ve ever seen, the Combi F2 opens and closes with one hand. No elaborate snapping motions, no two-hand fold, no yanking or tugging. A sliding mechanism on the padded handlebar unlocks the stroller—you do this with your thumb—and then you press a little lever beneath. Then you pull up to open, or push it forward and down to close. The handlebar doesn’t adjust, but it’s a really great height for me and it worked for my husband, too—no hunchback necessary. Even better, the Combi F2 is really nice to push around. It’s a smooth ride on the sidewalk, and it has a good turning radius in tight spots. The brakes, located on both rear wheels, are engaged by toeing up or down, which is pretty standard in the lightweight stroller world.

The second part of the Combi F2’s ad pitch, “ … and folds compactly for storage!” is right on the money. The stroller folds down into a flat little package that will take up minimal room in the trunk or behind the front seat if you’re on the go, and you can stash it away in a closet at home. Public transportation? The Combi F2 is your new best friend.

CombiF2reclineAnother highlight of this lightweight stroller is the canopy. You can’t really expect much in the way of adequate sun protection on the average umbrella stroller, if any kind of shade option at all, but the Combi F2 really isn’t your average stroller. A three-panel canopy with an integrated sunshade blocks over 99 percent of ultraviolet rays and you can pull it down far enough to provide real shade for your little passenger.

The seat is constructed of sturdy but pliable black mesh. It’s not summer yet, but I can see how it will be comfy and breathable on those hot summer days. And it makes for a flashy contrast to the stroller’s five solid color options of blue, red, yellow, white or pink. The seat itself seems a little on the small side depth-wise, but that’s in comparison to our jogging stroller, and none of my kids have complained—their little bottoms all fit perfectly. The back of the seat is adjustable from a seated position to a more reclined angle with a simple buckle system that you can do, yes, one-handed. There’s a straightforward harness and seat belt combo that adjusts easily, and a mesh undercarriage basket for stashing snacks or a little blanket, though you do need to keep things under ten pounds (which is fair enough, given this is a lightweight stroller after all).

CombiF2foldThe Combi F2 is intended for babies ages 6 months to 3 years, with a maxed out weight limit of 40 pounds. For the price point, this is a really great option for a lightweight stroller that is anything but cheap.

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