Combi Coccoro

By Published On: August 21st, 2014

The Combi Coccoro convertible car seat is perfect for smaller […]

The Combi Coccoro convertible car seat is perfect for smaller vehicles and for children weighing 3 to 40 pounds. It offers a five-point harness system and both rear and forward-facing positions.
When I received my Combi, I was impressed with the lightweight and compact design, and I knew that it would fit perfectly in my small SUV with plenty of room to spare. My car seat is black and tan, or what the manufacture calls “Licorice”.  But it also comes in colors called “Cherry Pie” (red and tan), “Chestnut” (brown and tan), and “Key Lime” (lime green and tan). The Combi Coccoro Convertible car seat has a simplistic yet attractive design without many bells and whistle to mess with.
Unfortunately, the manual was a bit wordy and difficult to read and we found the diagrams confusing. A YouTube video really helped with the installation process. There are two options in securing the car seat: Using the LATCH system (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) or using the vehicle seat belt. Most vehicles manufactured after 2002 are required to have the LATCH system, which are metal anchors attached to the back seats specifically designed for car seats.
We tried both installation options, and decided to utilize the LATCH system because when using the vehicle seat belt, the chest strap interfered with placing and removing the child from the rear-facing position. Using the LATCH system in the rear-facing position allowed the car seat to be fastened in two locations: anchors in the vehicle seat on either side of the car seat and a top tether strap located on the top of the car seat that connected to a metal bar under the front passenger-side seat. The forward-facing position LATCH system utilizes the lower seat anchors and anchors located on the backside of the seat, near the head rest.
After fastening the belts, the straps were tightened to secure the car seat. Instructions located on the side of the car seat provide a “Recline Reference Line” to properly position the car seat in a perfect horizontal position.
The Combi Coccorro provides a five-point harness with a color indicator to ensure that harness is properly secured. The seat material seems comfortable and light, perfect for babies who tend to get hot (like mine), and is easy to remove when needing to be washed. The infant insert has a comfortable head support and shoulder straps to protect the straps from digging in as well as extra cushion between the legs. The four harness heights are easy to adjust at each level which allows plenty of room for baby to grow. Since this car seat does not have a canopy, additional sun protection is needed.
Overall, I highly recommend the Coccoro because of its versatility. This car seat is perfect from birth to toddlerhood!
Price: $240
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