Combi All-in-One Activity Walker

By Published On: August 14th, 2011

My son has hit the ground running in his new […]

My son has hit the ground running in his new Combi All-in-One Activity Walker in Blue GT.
I have been looking forward to getting my son his first car, but never knew it would come at such a young age! Ever since we popped and clicked all the pieces together (seriously, there was no screwing, twisting, Velcro-ing, nothing), this versatile and convenient walker has been a lifesaver for our family. Since our son loves to be on his feet moving around, the car-like walker has been the perfect fit for his active lifestyle.
Combi-All-in-One-Walker-Blue-3Q-LeftThe All-in-One Activity Walker is a play center, bouncer and walker all in one. The stylish corvette-style body is the envy of the whole family—it brings Grandpa back to the good ol’ days—and has really been a hit with the little one. This model comes in four different colors (we chose the classic blue and white combo) and includes chrome detailing, side mirrors, a light-up steering wheel, and plush “leather” interior. (It’s nicer than the car I drive and comes with about as many features!) This little walker packs a lot under the hood: The play center includes a steering wheel with horn and four buttons for some cruising tunes. But don’t worry, if noise and bright lights seem like a headache, the play center can be removed to reveal play or snack tray.
The walker is height-adjustable and also offers a bouncer mode. In our many adventures to various stores to find the perfect walker, we had trouble finding one that was the appropriate height for our youngster. With the convenient “suspension package” that the GT provides, there is no worry about him being too small for—or outgrowing—this adaptable cruiser. There are three different height settings, and even a free motion bouncer setting, which really earn this walker its “All in One” status.
There’s no need to negotiate with a dealer or spend hours at a lot, this vehicle purchase is a no brainer. Combi’s All-in-One Activity Walker is the perfect first car, er, walker for your child. Whether he is bouncing, walking or playing, your child is sure to be happy with his new ride.
Price: $100
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