Closet case

By Published On: June 27th, 2013

Come on in! Today we’re giving a sneak peek inside […]

Come on in! Today we’re giving a sneak peek inside our prop closet.

Closet-Tour---PlushLions and monkeys and frogs, oh my!
Need a stuffed animal for that scene in the nursery? Some knit produce to round out that toy box shot? Take your pick from the pantry organizers turned plush keepers.

Mama mannequin
Strap on a prosthetic bump and this beauty is ready for her close up. (She’s tiny, but frankly so are sample sizes.)

Closet-Tour---Diaper-BagsIt’s in the bag
Our diaper bag shelf is probably something most moms dream of. We have nearly enough options to carry a different style every day of the month. These diaper bags are used in photo shoots, shipped to readers as prizes, sent to members of our parent panel for review, or donated to women’s shelters during one of our semiannual “closet clean-outs.” We don’t just hoard them for ourselves! (Though we may enjoy the occasional new diaper bag swag—every workplace has its perks, after all.)