Clock work

By Published On: August 24th, 2012

When you’re planning your nursery, don’t forget about a clock! […]

When you’re planning your nursery, don’t forget about a clock! In the early days, when you’re timing every feeding and measuring input and output, you’ll probably have your phone tied to your hip so you can jot down all the notes, and you’ll always know what time it is. (Or, if you’re old school like me, you’ll tote around a notepad and pen.) But once you’ve established a schedule, you’ll be less likely to grab your phone before heading down the hall for baby’s midnight feeding, and you’ll probably find yourself wishing for a clock check while you’re up nursing your little one throughout the night.
As baby gets older, you’ll appreciate having a clock in her room to count down the 10 more minutes of play before bed that you’ll be talked into (trust me, I know), and sadly, even a few time-out tickings. And as much as I’d like to tell you the waking up in the middle of the night days will pass, I’m not sure they ever really do—when I escorted my 8-year old back to his bed last night, it was handy to know that he had made it all the way until 4 a.m. before he attempted to join us in our bed. (What can I say? The kid loves to snuggle.)
Here are a few of my favorite kid-appropriate clocks for a nursery.

Clock work
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