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By Published On: January 28th, 2010

Written by: Sarah January 28 2010 I have a friend […]

Written by: Sarah

I have a friend with a horror story: She lost almost a whole year’s worth of pictures when the hard drive on her computer crashed, forever erasing her treasured family photos.

Since I have pretty much my little ones’ entire childhoods on my computer (not to mention lots of work and other documents I don’t want to disappear), my friend’s experience jolted me into action. But being slightly (read: extremely) technology challenged, I was a little intimidated by the thought of attempting to tackle it on my own. Sure, my husband could help, but why give him the opportunity to do one more thing better than me? So I decided to give Clickfree Automatic Backup a try, and much to my delight, I managed to back up my hard drive with no problem whatsoever, saving years of photos and memories that could potentially be lost forever when and if my computer finally decides to kick the bucket.

Here’s how it works: You open the box, connect the USB cable to your computer, and voila! That’s it! Nothing to install, nothing to set up, just a quick connection and Clickfree will find, organize and back up all of your important data. And if your family is like mine and you have more than one computer, you’ll be happy to know that one Clickfree can back up multiple computers, so you don’t need to buy one for each member of the family.

Another option from Clickfree is their Backup Digital Photos DVDs, which can store up to 10,000 photos. If your only concern is pictures and not the rest of your computer, the DVDs are a less expensive option.

I’m definitely happy to have my Clickfree Automatic Backup—I often feel like my whole life is on my laptop, so knowing it is protected gives me priceless peace of mind. It might not be as fun to shop for as nursery gear, but it’s just as important!

Price: $180 (500GB)
Buy it: Clickfree