Chicco Urban 6-in-1 Modular Stroller

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As a first-time mom and city-dweller, I was excited to […]

As a first-time mom and city-dweller, I was excited to give the Chicco Urban 6-in-1 Modular Stroller a try. I was drawn to the stroller’s hip, modern design and its versatility and on those notes, it really delivers. The Urban’s design is a departure from the frumpy look from which so many strollers suffer. Children’s gear isn’t always the most stylish, often losing out to function rather than form. As parents, we still care about how we look, and the Chicco Urban left me feeling confident as I took it for a stroll.

Besides the Urban’s eye-appeal, its next “kicker” is its versatility, as it is meant to grow with your baby. The stroller has three configurations: It supports an infant carrier (with the Chicco KeyFit infant car seat), transforms into an infant carriage (the toddler stroller seat converts to a bassinet for smaller babies, with a flat bottom and high sides), and a serves as a toddler seat, all of which can be placed in either a forward-facing or parent-facing position. The stroller is clearly designed to work for you as your child grows and can accommodate a baby from birth to 50 pounds. Of these, I thought the carriage feature was the most unique.

To convert to a carriage, you have to complete a number of adjustments and remove certain features (the bumper bar, harness buckle, and the shoulder and crotch pads). As with the infant and toddler seats, you can place the carriage in a forward facing or parent facing position. While the conversion process can be a bit cumbersome, the bassinet option is great for those babies who prefer to lie flat. The carriage mode does not offer much in the way of padding, and I would have liked if Chicco had provided an additional soft insert. I especially loved that you could adapt the stroller and use it as your child grows without having to store a bunch of parts that quickly become obsolete (or are easily lost), like the bassinets included in other stroller systems that are often set aside to gather dust in the attic.

Assembly is required, but it is fairly easy. The manual is filled with a series of clear illustrations that even I could follow. Once assembled, the stroller weighs a hefty 34 pound. and stands quite wide. (The dimensions are 35.0 x 20.8 x 13.1.)

The stroller is compatible with the Chicco KeyFit infant car seat. This is great if you have the KeyFit infant seat, but it can be limiting if you want to use another brand.

The toddler seat is plush and roomy and can be adjusted into multiple positions, from upright to reclined and anywhere in between. I was able to easily adjust the seat by pushing in on both side positions and rotating the seat. The adjustable recline and the multi-position footrest make sure that your baby is comfortable.

The stroller includes a generous canopy that extends to ensure that baby is safe from the glaring sun. I would have liked a peekaboo window, but I appreciated that the fabric can easily be removed for washing. The boot, which is included with the stroller, also offers good protection against the wind, but baby may require additional insulation when the temperature drops. Additional weather protection is available separately.

The stroller’s brake mechanism is a single foot push located in the middle of the wheelbase, which makes it easy to engage from just about any angle. The wheels are hard plastic, and the front wheels can lock so that you can conquer more rugged terrain. Given the option, we would prefer rubber wheels. The stroller is easy to maneuver, but because the base is wide, it is better suited to wider paths.

The stroller has a padded push handle that you can easily adjust to three different heights. Underneath you’ll find a large basket—perfect to store all of mom and baby’s items—that can be accessed from the back of the stroller. While I loved the basket’s capacity, I wish I could access it from the sides.

Although the Urban can be folded while the seat is attached, it isn’t intended to. Therefore, getting the stroller in the trunk requires first removing and putting away the seat. Folding the stroller then requires two hands on opposite sides of the stroller. Once you press the buttons, the handle collapses immediately, so it is important that the area is clear before beginning the process. The Urban does not stand up on its own.

Chicco does have several accessories available for purchase, but a hungry toddler will be slightly disappointed that there no snack tray option. A cup holder can be purchased separately and secured to the frame, though the placement is a bit low on the handles and the cup a bit small for those seeking an extra-large caffeine fix.

The stroller is undeniably good-looking, with simple and stylish lines. It can even be customized with different color accessory kits, which include a color-lined canopy, seat cushion and harness covers, boot, and matching tote. The Urban comes in a variety of stunning muted colors that keep the stroller looking fresh!

If you are looking for a comfortable, good-looking stroller that can grow with baby, this may be the stroller for you.While the stroller is not as compact as some others, it offers a number of different seating options to make baby comfortable—and the gripped, adjustable handles and easy maneuvering make this versatile stroller a hit with mom. The fuss-free look and changeable color accessory packs make this an especially good option for busy city moms on the go.

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