Chicco Tre Performance Jogging Stroller

By Published On: March 1st, 2015

As soon as I opened the Chicco Tre, I loved […]

As soon as I opened the Chicco Tre, I loved it. I love the color (mine is the bright green) and the feel of the stroller, as well. What I love most (I think) is that I can put my daughter’s car seat into it and still have lots of room to put bags or supplies underneath in the undercarriage. In our old stroller, (which converts to a stroller without a car seat, as well) with all the accoutrement that goes into the “larger kid stroller” seat, there’s no room for anything underneath. So, if you’re going anywhere that you might need supplies, this is the stroller for you. You can take out the seat that would be used when they’re bigger and just have the car seat which leaves so much space underneath. I love it!

When I actually put this stroller to the test without my daughter in her car seat, this thing passed with flying colors. The larger wheels were great for walking through rough terrain (no running for me, more like hiking) and the breaks and shocks worked very smoothly. I love the breaks … that’s something that I haven’t usually seen on strollers. My husband and I are outdoors and all around the countryside, so we’re on not-so-stable ground all the time. I used to worry about taking my daughter out in that terrain because of our stroller. Now we don’t worry at all!


My daughter is 7 months old and right at 15 pounds, so she’s still a little bit young for this (we have just now started trying it out), but she loves it as well. Packaging says it goes up to 50 pounds, and I take their word for it. This is a very well built stroller, and I believe it will last until we’re no longer in the need of a stroller.

The canopy and seat are as to be expected in any large style stroller system. They cover well and are made of a great material. All material is water resistant which is great for a rough terrain. It’s also nice for spills, as they slide right off the material (instead of getting stuck down in the weave like some fabrics allow). The seat seems comfortable enough, nothing extravagant—but baby seems comfortable, so I’m pleased. I do like the shoulder straps. They are a little different from my other Chicco stroller, and I prefer these.

One interesting thing about this stroller is how it folds up. Most strollers lay out to flatten when you fold them up. This makes them take up lots of vertical or horizontal space in a car for travel or closet for storage. This one stores in an almost cube like shape. It’s much easier to put this in the back of the car and also put groceries in. Or put it in with supplies for a hike on a trail. Instead of it laying flat, it can be set in an actual seat. Then you’ve still got floor space, and you’ve got trunk space. If you put it in your trunk, you can pack things around and on it without them falling everywhere. I love it.


Another feature I love is the bag that’s embedded in the canopy. It goes down behind the seat, so it’s thin and sleek and doesn’t take up much room. I don’t even have to carry my purse with me! It’s great for carrying just a few diapers and wipes in a store for a quick run (instead of having to take your whole baby bag). The parent tray is fine, though it’s a bit un-sturdy. I was expecting something more similar to a plastic tray you’re used to seeing; this is more of a fabric piece. I’m assuming they did that for flexibility (it can come on and off) and weight (much lighter than the regular parent tray) while your running out and about.

chicco-tre-stroller-surge_gallery5I don’t really use the ability to adjust the suspension on the go, but it’s nice to know it’s there. Either we have the suspension set for rough terrain or smooth terrain. We haven’t been switching back in forth on the go much. But it would be nice for visiting a large park … you could go from gravel/bike path to concrete walkway quickly and efficiently.

It was a little more complicated to put together than I anticipated, but it was well worth the time investment. I’d say my husband and I spent a good 30 minutes putting this together and learning how all the pieces work. The directions were easy to follow and very thorough. More time was spent on figuring out how the pieces worked as we put the thing together than it took to actually assemble them. We weren’t annoyed at all with the time spent on this.

Because of the price tag, I would not recommend this stroller if you don’t have plans to do some jogging, hiking or rigorous outdoor activity pretty regularly. If you only struggle with a standard stroller once a year when you randomly ended up at a park or on sand, it might not be worth the investment. BUT if you are an outdoorsy family and you’d like to keep up your on-the-go lifestyle with your tot, you won’t regret this purchase. All in all, I’m very pleased with this stroller and am looking forward to use it more as my daughter gets older.

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