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When I received the Chicco Stack highchair, I was very […]

When I received the Chicco Stack highchair, I was very excited to open and assemble this product. I love the challenge of putting things together—big or small, 100 pieces or just 10. I began by laying out all of the parts, cracking open the manual and preparing for the long haul. There was no long haul here!

The parts of this chair are pretty simple and self-explanatory, and the assembly took no longer than 15 to 20 minutes. There are also no tools involved in this assembly, which is a plus because if you are like me, finding the one screwdriver in the house is never an easy feat! The manual took me through the assembly step by step and even had pictures to accompany the clearly written instructions.

After the initial assembly, there were about 10 additional steps to explain all the functions of this chair in its three different stages of use. When you switch from one stage to the next, you may want to review the manual to be sure that you are setting up and using the chair in the next stage safely and appropriately, as it may be any number of months in between the stages.

Once the chair was assembled, I stepped back and took a good look—this is a nice-looking chair! I have the kiwi (lime green) model, but there are at least two other colors available: oyster (gray) and aqua. The design is simple, but modern. It is also gender neutral, which is good if you are looking to purchase one highchair for all the children that you currently have or may have in the future! I took it into the kitchen and placed it by the table. It is no wider than our chairs, the tray is about the height of our table and it really doesn’t take up much additional space. I would say that if your space is tight, use the chair in booster stage to save a little extra room.

In the highchair stage, I used the restraint system to buckle my little baby girl in, which is pretty similar to most strollers. It has both shoulder and waist straps that are easily adjustable as your little one grows, and it also provides a secure place for baby to enjoy a meal. Additionally, there are shoulder pads on the straps that are the same design as the seat pad, which provide a little extra comfort.

The seat pad contains foam padding that looks comfy, but I feel like it could be a little more “cushy” between baby and the plastic seat. However, the pad is easy to remove and clean (by simply wiping it down as it is not recommended to put in the washing machine). The seat back can also be reclined into three different positions, which allows you to best accommodate your baby for comfort and their level of development. There is also a convenient footstool that is easily adjustable for two different heights and provides an additional level of comfort.

The tray on this chair can be adjusted to three positions by using the front handle to slide it forward and backwards, and I love that there is a tray cover that can be removed for quick and easy cleaning. The tray can also be removed and stored on the rear legs when using the chair in a different stage, which I think is a fantastic feature for people who don’t have a lot of extra space for storage.


The chair is lightweight and easy to move from room to room; however, it does not have wheels and must be carried. It’s not a big deal, but some people may like wheels as an offered feature. This chair can accommodate children up to 60 pounds, but the manual has specified age, weight and development requirements for each stage of use.

I am very happy with this chair and its multiple stages. Although I have only used this chair with my daughter in the highchair and booster (with backrest) stages, I have converted the chair to the other stages of use in order to explore the ease of use and conversion. I had no difficulty with any stage, and I know that I will be taking advantage of the additional stages in the future. I also think that the price point for this chair is spot-on, seeing you can utilize this chair for well into the toddler years. It’s a good investment for the number of times this chair will hold your little one!

I would definitely recommend this chair to my friends (and to those I don’t even know!) who are highchair shopping. The only thing I would change would be to make a more cushioned seat pad and possibly provide an extra level of cushion or removable support for our smallest users. However, those suggestions should not be a deal breaker for anyone interested, in that they do not make or break a highchair … at least in my opinion! Two thumbs up for the Chicco Stack 3-in-1 Multi-chair!

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