Chicco KeyFit 30 Zip Air Infant Car Seat

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Upon the arrival of our Chicco KeyFit 30 Zip Air […]

Upon the arrival of our Chicco KeyFit 30 Zip Air Infant Car Seat, we immediately opened it and fell in love. Once out of the box the whole car seat was pretty lightweight with a very gender neutral color. It also includes an infant insert, cushion and shoulder pads that are reversible, which could be a plus if you are planning on having another boy or girl in the near future.

In regards to examining and installing the car seat, my husband and I had different approaches. I prefer reading the manual before assembly; he loves to just jump right in. Surprisingly figuring out all the nuances of this car seat and how it works was pretty straightforward and didn’t require much in-depth use of the instruction manual—just some brief referring to here and there. The majority of the important pieces (like where to put seatbelt straps and how to use them) were very clearly labeled on the car seat and base. This was an absolute plus, although we definitely recommend reading the manual to to be sure you’ve done everything correctly. 

From adjusting the shoulder straps to zipping up the removable canopy, everything was quick and simple once you figured out the basics—which I used the manual for. The Zip Air comes with a removable zip-around boot that is extremely easy to attach to the Velcro strips located underneath the sides of the car seat. In addition, we love that there is a compartment in the base for the owners manual and other small items. The overall 3D airway material is lightweight, which is awesome for us because our baby girl will be born in the height of Georgia’s summer. 


Finally, the in-car installation: We ended up doing it a few days after receiving the Zip Air in the mail. Installing the car seat was pretty self-explanatory per the manual and on-base instructions. My husband and I actually installed it twice, once using the LATCH method and once using the shoulder strap method. Both were pretty simple once we identified all the necessary parts needed. The levels on both sides of the base were extremely helpful in letting us know whether we installed it properly, but we are still planning to get it checked by our local fire station. Ultimately, we decided on the LATCH method as the best option for us.

We tried out our Zip Air with our newbie as soon as we were discharged from the hospital. Our baby girl was asleep when we buckled her in, and she slept all the way home with no upset. The head support in the car seat was great for her being a newborn; however, the it was a little difficult to get the chest strap into the right placement the first time. Whenever we have used the car seat she either stays asleep or soon dozes off. She really seems to like it, and we like how lightweight it is. We can use it with multiple stroller options, and the canopy is easy to remove as well as the zipper boot. 

Overall, we absolutely loved the KeyFit 30 Zip Air with its breathable material (which should definitely come in handy in the South). The design and accompanying features like the reversible infant insert makes for a very easy and accommodating choice whether you’re having a boy or girl. The instructions on the base and car seat along with the conveniently placed levels made for a very smooth and simple car installation. We absolutely love it, and our baby girl does, too!

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