Chicco Jolie Soothing Bouncer

By Published On: December 1st, 2014

Getting ready for work is a breeze when you have the Chicco Jolie Soothing Bouncer as a helping hand. Our 4-month-old little man loves to kick and bounce to the music while we run around doing our daily morning routines. He is also able to grab and play with the wonderfully cute and well-crafted wooden toys. It makes me feel great to see him so happy, smiling and cooing away each day and to know he is safe and secure in his little bouncy seat.

chicco bouncer
The assembly was fine. (We may have torn the lining of the seat slightly, but if you read the directions you should have no problem. Whoops.) Once it was assembled, we were very pleased with the end result. There are two positions: one is more lying down, and the other is sitting. Our little guy loves the sitting position for optimal movement and kicking motion. The lying down position might be ideal for a really little one who doesn’t have control of his head just yet.
In addition, there are two levels of vibrations and music/nature noises. The vibrations levels are pretty gentle, but our son could give or take vibrations all together, so it wasn’t an important feature for us. However, because little man is tall for his age (26 inches), he is able to kick the vibrations on and off with his feet, and he really enjoys having this control. The music options and sound levels are great. The music is entertaining for the little ones, and, thankfully, not too annoying for us parents. We are able to skip songs and control the different music volumes as we wish.
The visual appearance of the seat is great; it really goes with everything in our home and doesn’t have a pattern than screams baby. The deep blue accents could work for either a boy or girl, but they’re just perfect for our little man. The hanging toys are our favorite part of this seat. They are brilliantly crafted wooden toys, and little man really likes to play and grab. We do wish the bar that they hang on would clip in better, but they are sturdy enough to stay in place.
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The battery life of the bouncy is notably long. Some days, I think it would be wonderful to have a bouncy that is able to plug in, but then I realize that would defeat the purpose of a portable bouncer. I do wish it had an actual handle, so we could pick up and move the bouncer around the house a little more easily. The seat does provide a nice clasp to secure your little one in place. Our son isn’t able to move himself around that well yet, but I know this feature will be really useful once he starts wiggling and moving around more.
We’ve found the seat helps to settle our little man when he gets fussy. We are able to sit him in there and help gently bounce/vibrate the seat until he falls fast asleep. This is such an added perk to the seat—one that makes those difficult days a bit more manageable.
We have a cat and dog that can be scared of some of his baby toys and contraptions, but we’ve found that both our animals don’t mind this bouncy seat at all. They actually like to sit near him when it’s in use. Both of our pets like to be near our little one when he is happy, and the seat really makes him smile.
The size of the seat is nice and portable. We were able to easily pack the seat into the trunk of our car for a dinner party we attended. Having the seat at the party helped us relax and enjoy our time with friends because little man was able to bounce and enjoy himself without being held the entire time. We also used the seat on our outside deck during a family BBQ. Having the seat outside was a great way to allow our son to enjoy the nice weather and spend some quality family time.
All in all, we would definitely recommend this bouncy to our friends and family. We really are enjoying the help it provides during our morning routine and love the smile that it leaves on our little one’s face.
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