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By Published On: March 1st, 2017

When making a stroller wish list as I prepared to […]

When making a stroller wish list as I prepared to welcome my firstborn, ease of use, safety and overall comfort were the top priorities. I am happy to report the Chicco Bravo LE Trio Travel System hits the bullseye on all three points. I was also struck by all the additional features Chicco incorporated in this product. It is clear they were deliberately mindful of both baby and mama when creating this stroller. The sleek, fashionable design is a bonus!

Off the bat, the Bravo LE Trio stroller gets high scores for a stress-free assembly. No tools were required (unless you count scissors to open the box), and the directions were incredibly easy to follow. Pop on the four wheels, fasten with pins, and viola! The stroller is up and running. Breaking down the stroller was even more impressive. Pull on the one-handed lever, and the stroller folds in half for self-standing storage. As far as car-loading goes, the stroller effortlessly fits in our small SUV, although it feels a bit bulkier to manage in and out of our compact car.

ChiccoBravoLETrio5A KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat comes with the travel system and the car seat/stroller combo are highly compatible for car-to-stroller shifting. The car seat latches to the stroller with ease. Simply unclick the car seat and snap it to the stroller. If I want to ditch the car seat, so my little fella can take in a full panoramic view while we wander, I can place him in the stroller’s removable cushioned seat where he safely sits up and rides in comfort. It is evident from the sturdy frame Chicco sought to create a durable product with the Bravo stroller that will accommodate the advertised 50-pound child limit. For years to come, this stroller has many of my mobile needs covered. As my son grows, I will be able to peel off the infant accessories and use the stroller with a toddler.

ChiccoBravoLETrio3High praise goes to the Chicco engineers for a smooth ride design. The all-wheel suspension, swivel tires and adjustable handlebars make the stroller glide with finesse. I can use the stroller at the grocery store or on hiking trail. It seems to take to most terrains like a champ. The footbrake fastens and releases without fuss or aggravation. The stroller comes with a sprawling canopy to keep my fella comfy and block out the pesky sun. A breathable peekaboo window means 1) ventilation for baby and 2) easy surveillance for mama. The stroller also has a deep recline feature when Mr. Sandman comes knocking and baby needs some shuteye. If I could snap my fingers and change one thing about this gem of ride, I would add a few preset recline positions just for options.

ChiccoBravoLETrio7Anyone thirsty? This stroller has cup holders galore. Baby has a detachable tray with two cup holders, and mama has two cup holders of her own. The parent tray includes a zip enclosure—providing quick access to phone, cash and keys—and a healthy-sized storage basket to tote a large diaper bag or other miscellaneous items.

Like the stroller, the KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat that is included with the purchase has a canopy to keep baby sheltered from the elements. An added feature is a carrier boot (in lieu of a car seat cover) to keep baby warm in the cold weather months by covering the baby’s legs.

ChiccoBravoLETrio2For the quality, safety record, carefully considered amenities and price point, the Chicco Bravo LE Trio Travel System gets two thumbs up from this mama.

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