Chicco 360 Hook On Highchair

By Published On: January 9th, 2012

This is our third baby, but the first time we’ve […]

This is our third baby, but the first time we’ve had access to a travel highchair. Our poor first children had to make due in grownup laps or strollers, which I’ll be the first to admit is not ideal. Now that we have the Chicco 360 Hook On highchair, I think back to those messy, makeshift meal spaces and shake my head.
360Romantic_360The very first thing I noticed when I pulled the chair out of the box was how it was all stored nicely in one tote mesh bag. Super easy for throwing in the car for trips and pulling out for restaurants. My opinion as a mom of three is that anything with the ability to be slung over my shoulder is tops. There was no instruction manual included, which I fully expected, and this made me a little worried about installing it correctly on the table, but it probably took me ten minutes, tops, to have it out of the box, inspect it, and have it assembled and securely fixed onto our eating space. (However, caveat: we actually have two tables in our house, and it didn’t fit on the first one. Our more casual kitchen table is a circular table from IKEA—this one—and since it includes an expandable leaf under the tabletop, the storage space for that leaf prevents the under-the-table braces from fitting in the space. If the table did not have this storage space, however, we’d be golden. And since this is our travel highchair, that doesn’t really affect the usability of the chair in my mind, since we’ll be using a free-standing highchair in our home.)Installation really is pretty intuitive—you just tighten the clamps under the table by twisting until the chair feels secure, and the braces provide extra support once your baby’s weight is in the seat. All the buttons and knobs that adjust the seat are yellow, making them super-easy to find and use. Once your seat is on correctly and you buckle baby in, the cool part comes into play: the 360 swivel.This is a great feature in our house, because our older kids are a constant source of entertainment for the baby, and when I’m cooking dinner or doing other tasks that require my attention, I can put my little guy in the seat, rotate it around so he’s facing the room instead of the table, and then he’s part of the action. Also, when he was still too young to feed himself, it wasn’t necessary to have him pointed toward the tray, and so we could turn him 90 degrees to face our chair while spoon-feeding him, which was a great bonus, too.
For a family with relatives far out of town and a love of eating out, this is a great piece of baby gear to own. It gets lots of use and has held up well. I highly recommend it.
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