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Shameless actress Shanola Hampton is returning to the Showtime drama […]

Shameless actress Shanola Hampton is returning to the Showtime drama when it premieres on January 12. She’s also expecting her first child with husband Daren Dukes and is due on January 23rd.

Shanola1Shanola – who plays Veronica Fischer alongside Emmy Rossum, William H. Macy and Joan Cusack – recently chatted with Celebrity Baby Scoop on her pregnancy and gearing up for the baby’s arrival.
CBS: How are you feeling now that you’re towards the end of your pregnancy?
SH: I’m feeling great. It’s harder to digest food, which is annoying, but other than that I’m great!
Shanola2(2)CBS: Tell us about your fitness plan during your pregnancy?  Has it become more difficult the further along you are?  How do you think being fit and active has benefitted you while pregnant?
SH: I really believe I had an easier pregnancy because I stayed working out.  I really hit it hard the first 6 months and then made adjustments as I got further along. Now I’m just really focusing on cardio, yoga, and Pilates.
CBS: What are your plans post baby to get back in shape?
SH: My plans are to hit the gym ASAP. I will resume my work out regimen pre baby and I hear breastfeeding helps.
CBS: What are you looking forward to the most about being a mom?
SH: I’m most looking forward to seeing the world through her eyes.  Kids see things we don’t even pay attention to.
CBS: In your opinion, was this an easy pregnancy for you or a difficult one? Do you have plans to have more kids?
SH: This has been a super easy pregnancy for me, everyone is different.  I really can’t complain. We will see if we have more kids. Right now we are just focused on being good parents to this one.
CBS: How do you think having a baby is going to change your life? Your career? Your marriage?
SH: I think having a baby will change the way I love.  It will be the most unconditional love I’ve ever experienced. Not sure if it will really change my career, but if it does I pray it will only enhance it. If the way my marriage has changed during the pregnancy is any indication, I think we’ll be closer than ever. We are truly blissful.
CBS: Can you fill us in about any details about the nursery?  Tell us about the design.
SH: I really wanted my nursery to be warm and not too pink! I decided on a chocolate and raspberry color scheme. It’s a mixture of prints and no characters.  I love the way it turned out.
CBS: What are you looking forward to most about season 4 of “Shameless”, and what can we expect from it? Can you give us any inside secrets?
SH: I’m looking forward to just being back on the air.  This season gets really dark.  Inside scoop? They will handle my pregnancy in true Shameless fashion.
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