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We were well into life with our second child when […]

We were well into life with our second child when the cee cee & ryan Brook Baby Bag arrived at our doorstep. We thought one kid was crazy, but two brought on a whole new dimension of disarray. We needed a way to keep our life organized. Enter the Brook Baby Bag.

Of course, we have had diaper bags before. However, this bag takes things to another level. My first impression of the bag out of the box was great. The cee cee & ryan logo is located on the front and fits in quite nicely with the overall aesthetics of the bag. The appearance is classy and, I think, gives the bag the look of a high-end purse. We received a bag that is olive, but it also comes in black and midnight blue. The liner is always beige. The bag itself is made of 100 percent nylon with vegan leather trim and a polyester lining.

Inside the bag are a whopping 11 pockets, three of which are designed to hold bottles and two that zip closed. The overall structure of the inside of the diaper bag consists of two large compartments divided by a large zip pocket. The two compartments are designed so that one side can be for the baby and the other for the mom. This is a genius setup. It is very nice to keep things organized and separated. Also inside is an attachment that can be used to latch your keys to. The top of the bag zips closed, keeping everything inside even when your bag takes a tumble!

On the outside of the bag are five external pockets. Two of these are large pockets that easily fit a large water bottle (I can fit my 40-ounce water bottle easily) and/or a bottle/sippy cup. If you aren’t using these pockets, each has a black drawstring that will keep the opening closed. I don’t love the black strings because I have found the material frayed quickly, which has taken away some from the sleek, modern look of the bag.

The bag comes with a soft white machine washable diaper-changing pad. I have used this more as a burp cloth (because we have an extreme spitter). Any way you want to use it, it’s a nice accessory to have!

At 15”x14”x6”, the bag is large enough that you can definitely fit a lot of gear inside. You could for sure use this for day trips around town, but it’s not quite large enough to accommodate a weekend getaway. Let’s be real, you are likely to need an entire suitcase when traveling with a little one anyway! The bag itself does sit up right when loaded. The bottom of the bag has four gold “feet” to provide extra support and prevent the bottom of the bag from taking a beating.


Even with how roomy the bag is, the overall weight of the bag itself is extremely light before being loaded, so you aren’t carrying around a lot of extra weight. The structure of the bag is pretty flexible, meaning you can easily fold it up for storage or travel. Very handy, indeed!

That summarizes the function and look of the bag, now let me tell you what I really love about it:

• I absolutely love the look and practicality of the bag. As someone who is not a fan of the “typical” look of diaper bags, this was really fits the style I am looking for. Heck, I even bring it on date nights instead of my purse! Baby or no baby, I love this bag!
• I love the variety of pockets on the interior of the bag. Other bags I have had become black holes where I can’t find anything. This one keeps me organized and easy able to locate things.
• I love how easy it is to clip on the across body strap that comes with the bag. The strap easily clicks onto two gold D-rings located parallel to the main bag’s zipper. The majority of the time I use the over the shoulder configuration and unlike most purses/bags I’ve had in the past this one does not slide off my shoulders.
• My absolute favorite part of the bag is how easy it is to wipe clean. I have spilled countless bottles and my own coffee on the bag, and it easily wipes clean with a baby wipe, water etc. Dries quickly, too!

The company’s motto is “the perfect baby bag designed for parents, made with little ones in mind” That summarizes this Brook Baby Bag perfectly! At $120, I think you’ll enjoy this bag, too. I highly recommend it and look forward to using it for years to come.

Price: $120
To buy: ceeceeandryan.com

By Lauren