California Calming Baby Shampoo & Bodywash and Hair Conditioner

By Published On: January 29th, 2010

OK, here’s one of moms’ biggest issues in the bathtub: […]

cali baby shampooOK, here’s one of moms’ biggest issues in the bathtub: too many bottles.
There’s shampoo, conditioner, face wash, shaving cream, body wash, baby shampoo, baby soap … and the list goes on. In an effort to eliminate some of the lotions and potions disorder, I decided to see if we might be able to streamline things. In fact, I decided to see if moms could get away with using baby products in order to reduce the number of duplicate items.
So, for one week, I risked the possibility of frizzy/flat/lifeless/greasy hair by forgoing my usual grownup routine and using California Baby’s Calming Shampoo & Body Wash and Calming Hair Conditioner. And I have to report: My hair was no worse for the wear. I mean, it was no ____ (insert celebrity with gorgeous hair here) ‘s hair, but it wasn’t too bad for run-of-the-mill me. My locks were quite like they usually are—and even felt a little lighter than usual, probably because there’s just less “stuff” in California Baby’s line)—and smelled so yummy. I can see why Halle Berry and Nicole Richie are such fans! I also felt good about the eco-friendly, animal-friendly, people-friendly ways of California Baby and the products the produce. Babies deserve to be sheltered from harsh chemicals and harmful ingredients, and so do I—and so do you. (Plus, now that you’ve been assured borrowing baby’s shampoo won’t harbor disaster hair days, the idea sounds even better, doesn’t it? No worries, you can thank me later.)
Here’s to good-looking hair (and a slightly-less jam-packed tub)!
Price: $12 each
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