Bye-bye, papa!

By Published On: June 2nd, 2014

With all the perks being a stay-at-home mom affords me, […]

imageWith all the perks being a stay-at-home mom affords me, the one downside so far is the lack of adult communication during the day. Some days are rife with companionship—play dates, lunch with friends, visiting family. The rest of the time, I make up for it at night when Arthur gets home. We swap stories on our days, catch up on current events, and relax in each other’s company.
But soon I will only be able to do that 50 percent of the time, since my husband is set to travel for work. He’s starting a project in Boston that will have him flying out early Monday mornings and flying in late Thursday nights on alternating weeks. With travel always a possibility with Arthur’s job, this situation is pretty ideal, especially compared to many other families who face long periods of time with a parent away.
Although my day-to-day schedule won’t change much, I’ll miss our nighttime routine together. I’m also not looking forward to those nights when I just need to recharge and tag Arthur in as the primary only to find an empty spot where he should be.
More than that, though, I worry about how my husband’s absence will affect him, Rowan, and our beloved pup Finn. Arthur and I will be fine, but I’m not sure how the boys will react to their dad being gone for half the week. I’m hoping with our son being so young, he won’t be too conscious of it. My fingers are crossed though that any milestones will occur when Arthur is in town (or that I’m fast enough to get Rowan’s first crawl on video)!
What matters most is that we have our health, and despite the distance, we still have each other. The travel isn’t for forever. And this time around, I have a piece of Arthur left with me—Rowan!