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Just typing the word “jogging” makes me smile. I remember […]

Just typing the word “jogging” makes me smile. I remember jogging … and wine and sleeping … I digress! I remember spending so much time at the gym before my sweet boy came along. With working full time and being a full time mommy, wife and domestic goddess, I have zero time for gym visits. So, the jogging stroller is a must-have for this busy mommy. Fresh air, time with baby and exercise all rolled into one outing!

The first thing I noticed when the Burley Solstice Jogger was dropped at my front door is how light it is! It’s 27.5 pounds, but it does not feel heavy at all. If you’re collecting baby gear, you know how heavy all these items can be (and that’s without your little bundle of love added into the mix). When I opened the box to pull out the stroller and the dreaded instruction manual, I was delighted to find it’s almost put together already. Whew! I am definitely not one of those people who can look at something that needs assembling and just put it together. The instructions were crystal clear. All I had to do was pop the two tires on the back, one on the front, and I was in business. So even though it doesn’t weigh much it feels sturdy, which in my mind equates to safe.

The Solstice looks very urban yet rugged at the same time. Think: “I live in the city, but I drive a Wrangler.” The stroller is sleek, and I love the gray/black color combo with pops of green. It folds and unfolds with just one hand, which is key when you’re juggling gear and bebe. However, I did find the motion to be a bit cumbersome because the lever to activate the unfold motion is located on the handle bar rather than in the center of the stroller. I have to lean very far forward to fold/unfold completely. I’m just shy of 5’4” so if you’re taller, this might not be an issue for you.


The canopy zips open and extends pretty far over baby but not all the way. Ideally, the canopy would extend completely over my sweet boy to shield him from any inclement weather, wind, road debris, etc. The viewing windows on the canopy are magnetic versus Velcro, which is fabulous. I have a different stroller that has Velcro straps and random things tend to get caught in the Velcro—or my love will startle awake to the sound of the Velcro being pulled apart as we’re walking. It’s never OK to wake the baby! The only issue with the magnets is when you’re jogging, the flap tends to close, so you can’t see your wee one. It would be great to have a stronger magnet on the top of the canopy, so the flap would stay up and open for viewing while on the move.

The basket on the bottom of the Soltice is very roomy. It’s big enough for my overflowing diaper bag and my puffy winter jacket that I will surely shed as we stroll for miles.

Adjusting the harness and strapping my boy into the Solstice padded seat was easy, and he seemed comfortable. The straps seem to hold him in the seat better than the other stroller I have for daily use. After I tested the stroller a few times, I discovered why this is the case. The Burley Solstice features their S.I.T. technology, which does just this! There are springs in each of the shoulder and waist belt pads that entrap the harness straps and pull them away from the middle of the seat, which prevents straps from falling limp or getting stuck underneath the child.


The seat reclines to about a 45-degree angle, which is great for my tot who enjoys being upright and in the action. The seat is water and stain resistant and machine washable. There is a telescoping handlebar that adjusts for varying heights, though I do wish it adjusted up and down as well.

The lockable front swivel wheel can be locked in a forward or backward position. You just rotate the knob on the front, easy. You can also adjust the tracking if the stroller does not roll straight. I jogged over concrete, paved road and grass and the Solstice handled beautifully. There’s an emergency strap attached to the handlebar as well as a foot brake that’s easy to engage.

While the Solstice folds down easily, it is not compact and takes up quite a bit of room in the trunk of my small SUV. The stroller has a lock, which engages once it’s folded. It’s easy to disengage when opening it back up. The entire motion can be done with one hand. The stroller does stand up on its own once its folded. The Solstice can hold up to 75 pounds and accommodates one passenger.


There are several accessories available for purchase to accompany the Solstice: car seat adapter, bunting bag (to keep warm), handlebar console (for drinks, keys, etc.), cup and snack holder, rolling travel case and weather shield. The cup and snack holder slide in to the side rails of the stroller and lock in place. Just a simple push button releases the accessories. The cup holders pivot in and out, so you don’t have to remove them to get your child in or out of the stroller—I’ve never seen this before, and I love it! The handlebar console boasts two adjustable cup holders and a zip pocket. It attaches easily, but I find it harder to access when the canopy is pulled back towards you.

I would recommend the Burley Solstice for someone who jogs daily. The only real negative for me is that while the handlebar does telescope, it does not adjust up and down to really complement different heights. I think if you were taller, this wouldn’t be as much of an issue.

Price: $399

To buy: rei.com

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