Burley D'Lite

By Published On: September 7th, 2011

The Burley D’Lite three-in-one baby transporter is a perfect fit […]

The Burley D’Lite three-in-one baby transporter is a perfect fit for our active family.
After hours spent researching strollers, joggers and trailers, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to review the all-in-one option of the D’Lite. Living in a small condo in the city, we had a hard to find something that would meet all our needs and fit in our minimal living space. This trailer became the solution. The D’Lite trailer is primarily used for our bike, but with the optional stroller and jogger attachments, it eliminated the need for purchasing and storing multiple transportation devices.
BurleyDLiteThe Burley D’Lite bike trailer is easy-to-use right out of the box. All we had to do was pop open the collapsible trailer and insert the bike attachment bar and we were ready to go. My wife and I both have bikes, and a simple connection pin was all we needed to attach the trailer to the back axle of our hybrid road bikes. In a little over 10 minutes, we were riding and testing out the fun and simple trailer. The trailer felt light and was extremely maneuverable. After getting comfortable riding up and down the street with an empty trailer, we loaded in our little rugrat and were off on a trip around the block. Burley included a Baby Snuggler ($75) for us to use, which is an infant insert that ensures a snug ride for our 7-month-old. We felt comfortable with his level of security the moment he was strapped in.

After riding and getting comfortable with our new trailer, we decided to switch out attachments and take the D’Lite for a stroll to the park. Mommy unhooked the pin and removed the bike attachment bar then inserted the two small stroller wheels that make up the 2-Wheel Stroller Kit ($89)—easy peasy! We were shocked not only that she was able to switch attachments so quickly, but also that the stroller maneuvered insanely well once the wheels were attached. The D’Lite is a bit bulkier than your average fold-and-go stroller, but it moves just as gracefully. Score! Did I mention we kept H-man strapped in the D’Lite through the whole transition? The little man didn’t budge. Pretty solid proof of the ease of the changeover, right? Of course, the “Transformer”-like trailer’s awesome qualities don’t stop there.
The next day, when Mommy was ready to go on a run, she asked me to attach the Double Jogger Kit ($140). The jogger wheel attached in the same way as the biker bar, resulting in a super easy switcheroo. After centering the wheel and running the brake cable up the side of the trailer, it was ready to go. It is only fair to mention that this was the most complicated part of our “D’Lite-ful” experience—don’t expect to complete this step in 60 seconds. Perhaps Burley did this on purpose so we menfolk would be given the prime opportunity to impress our ladies with our installation skills? We may never know, but it’s safe to say the woman in my life was won over as I completed the somewhat tricky task.
What are the additional notable features of the Burley D’Lite, you ask? The frame is extremely lightweight and sturdy, creating a safe yet convenient chariot for your little one—or little ones. The trailer can be used for one or two tots, with a total capacity of 100 pounds. (Although our passenger was at the smaller end of the spectrum, Burley notes that the D’Lite is designed with bowed-out sides for extra shoulder room as riders grow.) The well-planned frame also collapses to the diameter of the rear tires allowing it to be stored more easily. (We didn’t try it, but Burley does make a Storage Cover ($75) for folks who might be interested.) Along the lines of safety, the (height-adjustable!) handlebar for the stroller doubles as a roll bar during bike trailering and the trailer boasts multiple reflectors. The seat inside the D’Lite gave our babe a cozy, breathable place to relax and gaze through the mesh front flap (or sunshade or weather guard, depending upon the current climate in our neck of the woods); it does recline slightly for napping tots, but not significantly. The trailer provides ample storage space, including two side compartments and a pretty spacious trunk—plenty o’ space for a diaper bag and any extras you pick up on errands during your ride around town.
So, just like that, we fell in love with a solution to all our needs for a trailer, jogger and secondary stroller: the Burley D’Lite. We look forward to using it as our little man—and even clan—continues to grow over the years.
Price: $579
To buy: burley.com