Built Go-Go Diaper Tote

By Published On: December 30th, 2013

I hate to kick this off with a terrible pun, […]

I hate to kick this off with a terrible pun, but I can’t help myself: I’m simply dotty for my new Built Go-Go diaper tote. (Sorry. I promise not to do that again.)
Built1Let’s dig right into the details of this gorgeous gear hauler. We’ll work our way from the outside in. I don’t think I need to mention the dots again, because you can clearly see how awesome they are. I love a good, neutral design on a diaper bag—one that’s interesting without being overwhelming. Since this is a basic print in a classic color pattern (long live black and white!), I know I won’t get tired of it in a few months like I might if I opted instead for a more colorful or trendier design. (If dots aren’t quite your thing, they have a few other options too, including a very dad-friendly gridlock pattern.)
The Go-Go Tote is a great size, because it’s big—big enough to hold everything I need without any overflow—but it fits comfortably against my body and isn’t bulky to carry. I love the double handles. They comfortably support the weight of the bag and are super comfy on my shoulder, and they are sized perfectly. There’s also an adjustable shoulder strap that is completely removable, and it has extra padding for added comfort. And, if you’re pushing a stroller, there are strap options to hook it on there as well.
I just mentioned the weight of the bag, and I should elaborate: When I say “weight”, I basically just mean the weight of the items I’ve stored inside, because the bag itself weighs next to nothing. It is undoubtedly one of my favorite features. This bag, like all Built’s bags, is made from neoprene, the same stuff wetsuits are made from. So it is very lightweight, and it holds up super well to all the abuse we moms tend to put our diaper bags through. You know, the dirt and dribbles and ice cream drops. It happens. And when it does, you simply wipe it away and the bag is as good as new. (And it really does tidy up nicely, unlike some other spot-clean items that never quite seem to actually come clean.)
The neoprene is also tested for FDA food safety, so your tot can cram that strap right in his mouth and he’ll be A-OK. It’s also phthalates-, PVC-, BPA- and vinyl-free, and stain-resistant. That’s some good stuff.
You’ll find two insulated bottle pockets on the outside, as well as a couple of slip pockets and a nicely sized pouch with Velcro closure. That’s where I store my stuff, like my wallet, iPhone and keys. Moving on to the inside, you’ll find even more pockets, perfectly sized to hold diapers, wipes and your changing pad. And speaking of the changing pad, this bag actually has one that you’ll want to keep rather than tossing in your “Donate” pile. It’s machine washable, which I have now decided should be a standard feature on all changing mats. It’s also a decent size, and folds up compactly and secures with a Velcro strip. The shape is awesome—it rounds out slightly at the bottom, which allows for a little extra wiggle room for your baby.
The interior of the bag is a vibrant pink, so it’s easy to see inside and find what you need. And I love, love that this bag has a zipper closure, because nothing is more annoying than setting down your bag for a second only to have it tip over and all the contents spill out onto the floor.
I honestly can’t find a single thing I don’t like about this bag. It’s great for mom, good for baby, and an all-around excellent buy. I think it’s well worth the cost. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m going to start a collection of Built bags and lunchboxes at my house. I’m now a huge fan.
Price: $120
Buy it: builtny.com