Bugaboo Frog

By Published On: January 29th, 2010

The Frog started the international Bugaboo movement with its introduction […]

The Frog started the international Bugaboo movement with its introduction in 1999.
Since then, it’s been beloved by parents and imitated by manufacturers near and far. It’s a favorite pick for the serious stroller (the urban-dwelling, I-walk-more-than-I-drive type) as well as the occasional cruiser. After years of admiration, I was able to put my hands on one and really put it to the test!
The Frog arrives completely dismantled and in need of some targeted time and concentration. The assembly is certainly more difficult with the Frog than with some other strollers on the market because there’s simply more to it! Fortunately, there is an instructional DVD in the box to help those of us who are not quite engineering geniuses. Once it’s been assembled, however, the Frog’s construction does make sense and adjustments become intuitive through practice.
BugabooFrogThe complete package … and then some
The Frog comes in a big ol’ box, filled with these goodies:

  • Chassis with wheels
  • Seat fabric
  • Bassinet fabric
  • Mosquito net
  • Rain cover
  • Underseat bag
  • Maintenance kit
  • 2-year warranty
  • Instructions with DVD

If that’s not enough, shop for these additional Bugaboo accessories:

  • Cup holder
  • Foot muff
  • Sunshade
  • Parasol
  • Wheeled board
  • Snow wheels
  • Blanket
  • *Replacement parts and car seat adapters (for Graco, Peg Perego and Maxi-Cosi seats) are also available.

Let’s get right to the point—this is a great-looking stroller. The design is bold, modern, streamlined and fabulous—and it’s even functional too! The Frog comes in a range of bold, eye-catching colors: black, navy blue, red, sand and orange with contrast lining. The seat, bassinet, canopy and underseat storage bag come in matching fabric, with complementary hardware in black and silver.
Bugaboo invented stroller versatility. The two sets of wheels are ideal for different environments: lead with the smaller wheels to maneuver easily through city streets and shopping malls, or lead with the larger wheels to handle rougher terrain. The Frog can even hop along on only the two large wheels for all-terrain handling—snow, sand, the works. The bassinet and seat can be set up facing forward or back, and the seat reclines for comfort. The bassinet with canopy and carry handle is great for a newborn—soft and comfortable with high sides, and the reclining seat with carry handle is great once baby can sit with assistance all the way up to 37.5 pounds.
Ease of use
The Frog is definitely easy to maneuver—it’s fairly lightweight for a full size stroller (19 pounds), and at 24 inches wide, it fits pretty well through narrow spots. Its namesake frog-like suspension makes for a smooth ride over virtually any terrain. The European-style wrist strap guarantees the Frog won’t take off down a hill without permission.
On-board storage is adequate but not as accessible as one might wish. The underseat storage bag is a good size but it’s rather hard to reach under the bassinet. The handle looks sleek without storage compartments, but they would be handy! A diaper bag with stroller straps could supply that arm’s-reach convenience. And the lack of food tray on the seat can be a problem when baby needs to snack on the go.
Folding up does take a little finesse—there isn’t a one-hand, one-step transition from sidewalk to trunk, and it does take up some space when folded.
The bassinet is super comfy with a quilted, padded interior, sleeping bag-like covering for warmth, outer covering for weather protection, and adjustable canopy to shield baby’s eyes from the sun and wind. The seat is also cushy with adjustable straps and multiple levels of recline that allow baby to ride high or relax and snooze.
Price: $759
Buy it: BugabooStrollers.com