Bugaboo Bee

By Published On: July 22nd, 2010

As the proud new owner of an Uppababy Vista, it […]

As the proud new owner of an Uppababy Vista, it was hard to admit that there are some places my deluxe, full-size stroller just shouldn’t go. Like the airport, for example. As a bit of a stroller snob, I previously turned up my nose at the thought of pushing my precious cargo around in a flimsy lightweight stroller … that is, until I met the Bugaboo Bee. It was love at first sight.
Bugaboo BeeThe thing that I love about the Bee is that I don’t feel as though I’m compromising on any of the features that I love about my full-size stroller when I’m in a situation that calls for a more compact option. Deluxe features like a 3-position reclining seat back, substantial sun canopy and an adjustable handlebar are a welcome surprise on a stroller that weighs in at just 18.5 pounds (not as light as your most lightweight umbrella stroller, but a noticeable difference when trekking through the airport terminal). And are you ready for the kicker? The seat bottom not only extends to accommodate your little one as he or she grows from babydom to toddlerhood, but the entire seat also flips around so your little guy or gal can face you or the world. And yes, we’re still talking about a lightweight stroller here!
As someone who will be traveling frequently, newborn in tow, one of my biggest hesitations with most lightweight strollers is that you have to wait until the baby is 6 months old to use them because the seat back doesn’t have enough of a recline (or any at all). Bugaboo has come up with a genius solution to this problem, not only providing a full recline, but also adding the option of the extending the seat bottom to create a flat place to nestle the baby. If you really want to get fancy, you can invest in the baby cocoon, which cradles the baby in a bassinet-looking piece of fabric that attaches to the seat.
Now about my aforementioned phobia of flimsy strollers … my favorite part of the Bee might have to be the way that it handles. Thanks to 4 wheel independent suspension and foam-filled rubber tires (still talking about a stroller!), you can hit even the most uneven city sidewalks with this little wonder—and one-handed at that. The swivel wheels are great for navigating tight spaces, but they also have a locking mechanism for added stability on rough terrain.
Of course, no stroller is perfect, and I hit a few obstacles along the road to developing a full blown Bee obsession. Although the Bee is extremely easy to fold and unfold whether the seat is facing you or the world, it took me a little bit to get the hang of flipping the seat around to face the opposite direction. Specifically, it was the step where you have to fold the seat back flat against the seat bottom that was giving me trouble. Alas, a few practice runs and one broken nail later, I can now do it blindfolded and can’t remember why I had so much trouble in the beginning.
To sum it up, I guess the real reason I love the Bugaboo Bee so much is because it’s a little stroller that thinks it’s one of the big boys. Although I won’t be trading in my Uppababy Vista for good, I’ve definitely learned I’m not a monogamous stroller kind of girl…and my affair with the Bugaboo Bee is just beginning!
Price: $649.00
To buy: bugaboo.com