Britax Parkway SG

By Published On: September 17th, 2012

I give the Britax Parkway SG booster seat a rave […]

BritaxParkwaySGI give the Britax Parkway SG booster seat a rave review for style, comfort, versatility and price. This booster has several well-thought-out perks that make it special.
For starters, the manual stores nicely under the seat for easy reference and the instructions are easy to read, understand and follow. A fantastic first impression!
The booster can be used with or without a back depending on the passenger’s age and size. The seat easily attaches and detaches from the backrest for easy storage or packing during travel. The seat has a narrow footprint, which is critical when I need it to fit between two other car seats in the back of my Subaru Outback. The footprint admittedly increases a bit when the two(!) retractable cup holders are in use, but sometimes there’s a small price to pay for luxury.
The backrest is easy to adjust, though I found it takes two hands to do so. The True Side Impact Protection wings are great for safety, of course, but also ideal for children who are prone to falling asleep in the car. The only negative I found with the seat is that it does not latch into the car on its own. Although this isn’t a deal breaker, it does mean that when a child isn’t buckled into it, it can move around in the back seat and bump into other car seats or children. (If you’re looking for a booster that secures via the LATCH connection system, the Parkway SGL may be a good alternative for you. The price point is a bit higher, but it does offer a seat securing system, as well as the other features of the SG.) I should be clear though: The fact that the booster seat doesn’t secure to the car’s seat is strictly a convenience issue and not a safety issue. Britax is well known and respected for their high safety standards.
The car seat covers are easy to remove for cleaning and have multiple elastic loops for a nice tight fit so the fabric never bunches, which would make for an uncomfortable ride. My granddaughter loved the pink cover and the cushiness of the booster. It is extremely comfortable for her. The SecureGuard clip, which works in conjunction with the seat belt to prevent the passenger from sliding under the lap-belt portion of the seat belt, not only adds to the safety of the seat but also to the comfort of the passenger, keeping the belt low and in place and reducing the risk of abdominal injury incase of a crash. My granddaughter had no problems buckling and unbuckling herself, which had been a concern of mine when I saw the slide guard clip. (Kids are so good at these types of things though, aren’t they?) The retractable cup holders, (I did mention there are two, right?) were a huge hit as well.
The booster seat can be used for children from 40 to 120 pounds and is guaranteed for 6 years, which I think makes the price point reasonable. It’s a wise investment for families looking for a quality product from a trusted company.
Price: $120
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